Marxism and the enneagram? I have seen everything…

We already have a blast over the bows of Left Forum re: darwinism today, but now I see still more nonsense in motion.
I never thought I would ever see an enneagram on a ‘left’ website. It has become a terrible fad and is almost always complete nonsense.
I have moved in those circles, before the idea became a fad of personality types and I can offer a warning to stay clear of Gurdjieff’s
materials. He was a superreactionary, disliked abolitionism, had fascist tendencies, moved in the peak period of protofascist thinking, and produced a teaching on the enneagram that is mostly nonsense.
It is not helpful to peddle this bullshit on the left.

I feel responsible (I am not): having critiqued historical materialism and called for a new postmarxism, the idea could induce idiocy in a cadre trained in marxism. The trend is inevitable but the enneagram shows the way confusion can arise.
The world of sufis will do whatever they can to trash marxism and if they find a marxist taking up the enneagram they will chuckle at the chance to dash marxist brains with mystical hype. Before taking up the enneagram, try to figure out why histomat didn’t believe in ghosts, whether there really are ghosts, and whether the ghost of Gurdjieff is ‘dead and well’ ..
I have a book on Gurdjieff, Debriefing Gurdjieffianity, I recommend caution here and some of the warnings given.
If you are a marxist, sufis are not your friends.

Sufi teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff.The series of discussions we offer will center on that tradition leading, hopefully, to a new coherent cosmology symbolized by the enneagram. A bibliography of readings from Herakleitos, Plato, Diderot, Hegel Lenin, et al will be posted soon.

Source: Realistic Metaphysics and the Materialist Conception of History – Marxist Education Project

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