Earth Abuse and the Next Pandemic 

Humanity’s transgression of ecological limits has caused widespread damage, including a climate emergency, catastrophic loss of biodiversity, and extensive degradation of soils around the world. Earth abuse is also at the root of the Covid-19 pandemic and the grim likelihood that new pathogens will continue to emerge from other animal species to infect humans.

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“To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism”

Despite the obvious parallels with coronavirus shutdowns, states still show little determination to put in place the measures we’ll need to deal with the climate emergency. For Andreas Malm, we need to stop seeing climate change as a problem for the future — and use state power now to impose a drastic reordering of our economies.

Source: “To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism”

Forcing ecological thinking into the mold of historical materialism won’t work…

Although the effort to find a basis for ecological issues in marx is of great historical importance, the danger is that the new claim for the ecological marx(ism) threatens to implicate ecologists in the marxist dogmatic system. Blending historical materialism and ecology won’t work and will reduce ecology to a form of marxist scientism.

Source: Marx and Nature: A Red and Green Perspective – 622167f851b636d3d9556fdda4e4482bd3c4.pdf

Need for an ecological/environmental International…//The Fires in the Amazon Were Set on Purpose 

Our many discussions of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ have focused on a new approach: to consider socialism in one country to get socialist economics in place: but the parallel issue of an international arises at once and the obvious vacuum of any left can be seen in projecting the need for a global response team to save the Amazon….

These fires were set on purpose and Bolsonaro is to blame.

Source: The Fires in the Amazon Were Set on Purpose | Left Voice

 Marx the ecologist? How about Marx the postdarwinist?

Although it is important to try and reexamine Marx in terms of ecological issues it is misleading and counterproductive in the end to try and second guess him or to attempt to make ecology fit his work in the vein of Marx is always right and the codification of marxism as a theological system. The reverse is needed to make a new leftist synthesis in which ecology and socialism are blended from the start.
If the marxists at Monthly Review wish to ecologize marxist boilerplate let’s see if they can do the same for darwinism, which Marx initially rejected on sight and then, in a compromise we suspect, embraced dishonestly as a party line…
Perhaps Monthly Review can expose the darwinian class genocide of the left, resurrect Marx’s expose of Darwin the ideologist and free the left of its murderous ‘class warfare’ as class extermination….

Source: On Marx and Ecosocialism