The Fight for a Marxist Program in the DSA – Cosmonaut

The DSA is a good example of the plight of the post Marxist era attempting to find a way in the wake of the collapse of the Marx legacy and its long list of failures. It is hardly surprising such a group should go into a funk and this article suggesting a Marxist program shows the dilemma for socialists in this era. Contra this article the worst thing the DSA can do is revert to a Marxist program. Marxism/Bolshevism are a tremendous obstacle to the formation of a new left even as their detailed platforms tempt activists to a completed package. But the Marxist line has to critique its own legacy and start over and not try to push those nearly out of the quicksand back into it. The Marxist package is too flawed for a second coming and needs to be scrapped so that a new left can start over, but with the core issues of socialist and postcapitalist directions. It is very unlikely that a Marxist entity can escape the undertow of Bolshevism and create a new movement at this point. If the DSA seems to have a measure of success it is because it is at least moving into the future.
I recommend my own version of a ‘new New Left’ with its own manifesto, model of democratic market neo-communism, and fresh account of world history beyond the dysfunctional and detested historical materialism.

Source: The Fight for a Marxist Program in the DSA – Cosmonaut