Marxist poppycock is confusing beginners…for life…

We have critical of Alan Wood’s muddled thinking, not uncharacteritic of the left/marxism in general. This is the fourth time we have tried to criticize his ‘Reason in Revolt’, to no avail. The idea that dialectical materialism is a science and that it now finds support in the chaos and complexity theory is complete poppycock. Such thinking discredits the whole marxist left, among many other such forms of wrong thinking.It has gone on since the nineties and is peddled to a captive audience of beginners who can end up confused for left with a leader is also selling books to that audience.

Creating socialism doesn’t require theories like this. It in fact confuses practical action.
Does creating democracy require a theory? It is a question of political praxis based on a study of political values and the idea of freedom. The same is the case for socialism: we assess on the basis of values and the idea of freedom the possibility of a shared socialist republic. If we are dumb enough to bring in dialectical materialism we will end up so confused that we will fumble the ball…

First published in 1995, Reason in Revolt is an application of the method of dialectical materialism to modern science. One of the most common accusations directed against Marxism, and Engels in particular – who wrote extensively on science – is that he based himself on the science of the 19th century and therefore is out of date. But in fact, the discoveries of modern science – which support theories such as chaos and complexity – provide far more material that shows that Engels was right when he said that, in the last analysis, nature works dialectically.

Source: New publication of “Reason in Revolt” in Farsi

getting past the marxist/leninist graveyard of the left…// Rebuilding a Revolutionary Left in the USA

Louis Proyect, along with most marxists is living in the past of the failed left of the twentieth century. The dreams of revolution of these has beens have created a difficult obstacle to the hopes of a real radicalism… The world of archaeo-marxism, bolshevism, marx/lenin worship, stalinist idiocy, Trotskyism, Maosim, thence to the sixties and its hopeless muddle of the SDS, the SWP and the rest of it deserves its history but it also needs to be disowned and left behind so that a new generation can start over. Continue reading “getting past the marxist/leninist graveyard of the left…// Rebuilding a Revolutionary Left in the USA”

 The rapid disintegration of christianity….

Christians are unaware of the rapid disintegration of christianity (and judaism) as viable religions in a secular age. In many ways the views of secular humanists are confirmed and their agitation successful in mvoing modern culture beyond monotheism (if not ‘religion’). But modern atheism taken as equivalent to the secular has produced its own confusions. The struggle for a reasonable understanding is difficult and the confusing legacy of christianity with its extravagant theological farce is a difficult terrain to navigate. The mysterious spiritual powers behind it(who seem to have abandoned it), and in the context of the eonic effect, make right understanding impossible in traditional terms. We should therefore urge simply walking away from christianity as it degenerates but remaining wary of religious ambiguity in the context of dishonest and deceptive theistic propagandas.

Source: How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story  – Last Man There

really….? don’t hand marxists a new way to screw up economics…//one better, our DMNC//Yes, a Planned Economy Can Actually Work

We have been making a similar argument here over and over again for the last few years. But at the same time it is not proven that this can work. Socialism is not a ‘for profit’ organization that can mutate Walmart technology and not lose money. If one thing is sure marxists would screw it up. Who is going to control this software? Is this state capitalism?
How will you deal with the tens of millions of companies? One central bureaucracy?
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 Bolsheviks and socialism? was their only achievement a secret police (which is all that survives to this day)…?


Source: Looking for Loopholes: On the Misuses of Lenin’s “‘Left-Wing’ Communism” | Left Voice

This is a useful study of a long lost work of Lenin, but is the foundation for discussion solid? Did Lenin, at the fountainhead of what became the failure of bolshevism, really have the right strategy on any level? Was the Russian revolution doomed to failure based on its marxist hardcore with all of its fallacies? The question of reformism is complex and tricky and stalked the left already in the nineteenth century. The emphasis on revolution persisted through the confusion of Bernstein and later.
In fact, it is almost impossible to sort out the legacy here. Its inner contradiction cripples the left to this day. Continue reading ” Bolsheviks and socialism? was their only achievement a secret police (which is all that survives to this day)…?”

 Is the mass hypnosis of americans on a par with a totalitarian system?

American social propaganda is almost as bad as that in a totalitarian system, or so it seems. But the age of the Internet seems, we can hope, to have destabilized that to some degree…Can anything break the spell?

This is what happens when you live in a hermetically-sealed bubble where you’re fed a constant diet of Fox News, My Pillow commercials, and “the US is the greatest country on the planet”. So powerful is this bubble that even Haley, a former UN Ambassador whose exposure to people from other countries should have disabused her of such provincial notions, is seemingly oblivious to facts known the world over.

Source: Nikki Haley is not very smart –