Simmering revolutionary rage…

The politicians go into full boilerplate mode. To claim now that the massive protests are no longer about the death of George Floyd is nonsense. What else could they be about. It’s like saying a match that starts a forest fire is not due to that match.
The political world is starting to confront revolutionary uprisings and we will soon see what the outcome will be.
The pols want to bring out the national guards, but Trump will endure no censure or penalty and he is in many ways the real source her.

Minnesota’s governor said Saturday he will move to “fully mobilize the National Guard” after destructive Minneapolis-area protests that he says are “no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd.””Last night (was) a mockery of pretending this about George Floyd’s death or inequities,” Gov. Tim Walz said in a news conference. He asserted unrest has become about outsiders — largely not Minnesotans — “attacking civil society (and) instilling fear.”

Source: George Floyd: Minnesota governor destruction is no longer about Floyd and he’ll mobilize full National Guard – CNN