standing up to antisemitism blackmail…///Why They Hate the Women’s March

This article is part cover up it seems.
We can be glad the Women’s March has a ‘radical’ vision (of sorts) and they are right no doubt about the rightist mistrust there…
But this is a bit misleading given the ‘antisemitism’ blackmail of the Zionist gangsters in the background. The Women’s movement should dissociate itself from Zionist criminality and the obvious strong arm tactics of these outrageous no-doubt Israel-sourced attempts to seize de facto control of the movement.

Both the Right and the center have every reason to fear the Women’s March — it’s advancing a radical vision of feminism for the 99 percent.

Source: Why They Hate the Women’s March

standing up to zionist gangsters…//Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a ‘Zioness’ alternative

The behavior of these Zionists is outrageous and the Woman’s March should stand up to them aggressively of suffer discredit. This is ‘antisemitism blackmail’
Charges of antisemitism based on support for Palestinians is grotesque.
The exposes of Zionism are starting to accelerate and the reality is shocking with a history of criminality, false flagging, genocide and nuclear terrorism, the list is long. The Women’s movement should disown Zionism completely as a gangster mafia.
One can still supports Israel’s right to exist without the gross compromise with Zionist gangsters (who are now charge with planting mini-nukes at the 9/11 sites).
Cf. Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries


A host of interconnected Zionist advocacy groups has launched an all-out assault on the annual Women’s March.
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