The calculation debate

Interesting discussion of planned economies at marxmail.
Can planned economies work and be as efficient as market or mixed economies? (Quora)

One reference: Lange would write about the use of computers to do economic planning without having to rely upon markets. His paper on that subject, the very last paper that he wrote was “The Computer and the Market” ( That paper was written in 1965, back when mainframe computers were the main form of computer technology. Since then, computer technology has made enormous advances. Paul Cockshott is probably the best known recent writer on the uses of computers for doing socialist economic planning. A lot of his writings on the subject can be accessed from his website

My own post forwarded to marxmail:

FWD from John Landon (was Re: Can planned economies work and be as efficient as market or mixed economies?

Most Marxists aren’t even aware of this debate. Thanks for your contribution which I will study.
The left MUST get this one right, unless…
I know I am unpopular at marxmail, but the group is missing some useful material.
A lot of progress has been made with computational planning computers, but…

The issue of planned economies needs a different approach: (socialist) markets, not the ones some leftists think of.
Actual markets inside a neo-communist economy subject to expropriation with managers using resources from a Commons.
This can have planning in tandem. But this approach can probably skip the calculation debate.

But most hopes here are perhaps unrealistic, at the moment. No group of revolutionaries can hope to
take over the American economy a la bolshevism: over twenty million businesses in the US alone.
But you can possibly redefine their status and leave them in place.
But twenty million counterrevolutionaries might not like even that.
But it might work.

Check our my model of democratic market neo-communism in my work in progress, The Last Revolution

Orignal link to Quora forum: (J. Farmalant)

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