Seek ye first the…fundamentals of ‘degrowth’…

Our DMNC model stands between two options: degrowth and the possibility of future growth, sort of. It seems the best we can hope for is ‘sort of’.
There is a complete spectrum between growth and degrowth, But ‘seek ye first’ the fundamentals of degrowth and the spigot of growth can be turned on, in short bursts, maybe in time for Xmas.

As the powers that be lust to rewind the old economy, we can still consider the opportunity (lost?) to confront a no-growth economy as a premoniiton in a period of a pandemic. It seems like nature is in revolt and we have to wonder if the pandemic shock wasn’t the first in a series leading to postcapitalism…

Robert Pollin and Noam Chomsky have a new book out, Climate Crisis and the Green New Deal. It’s an important contribution to the emerging GND literature, from two thinkers I respect.  But in recent interviews, when Pollin has been asked about degrowth, he has responded with claims that ar

Source: A response to Pollin and Chomsky: We need a Green New Deal without growth — Jason Hickel

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