An email exchange over the eonic effect: is human civilization a failure in cosmic terms?

I am not a prophet of doom, but the eonic effect and its history require a close look at the apparent failures of civilization. I recommend a study of the whole model and its associated literature/books.
But the confusions of religion, bad science like Darwinism, and the mind-capture of capitalist idiocy
forestall any warning that modernity could end in screw up. That’s not a postmodern sentiment. There is no postmodern period to be speak of. And there are no second chances for ‘modernity. There is still time to do it right.

Homo sapiens is in trouble, and the record of world history seen rightly, shows almost total failure.

This is a reply to an email exchange with a question:

Was it inevitable that the eonic transition into the modern would produce a climate crisis? Is that part of the evolution of civilization or an error?

That’s a good question. But surely the answer should be ‘no’: Note that the term ‘evolution’ has changed in the eonic model: it refers to the action of the modern transition. It then stops  two centuries ago and the rest is free action.
And that free action shows little but screw ups. Free action has created war, empire, slavery, machiavellian politics, etc…

But we can consider or conjecture that the rise of capitalism/socialism in tandem with the Industrial Revolution precipitates the climate issue. And the modern transition has a tandem ‘Enlightenment’ and Romantic movement, the latter a celebration of nature. The capitalist world soon forgets its sources. In a way the dual appearance of capitalism and socialism shows that the ‘eonic driver’ anticipates, seeds potential counteraction and then stops.
By and large the record of man is dismal in history while the eonic driver seems to always avoid seeding disaster.
Note that war and empire are not eonic ermergents but human free action in history. Same for slavery: there is only a eonic effect toward freedom, never toward slavery. As an example. The rise of abolitionism is directly correlated with the modern transition, for example
That the attempt to create socialism was still another screw up is par for the course.
So the probable answer to your ‘good question’ is that if modernity had emerged properly a combined capitalism/socialism might have produced a more intelligent capitalism. Note that the current capitalist world has seized control of civilization and yet, stunningly, cannot stop its action against climate change, at least in the US. Brace yourself, the record of civilization is mostly failure. Including the potential to correct that. Look at the history of Judaism and Christianity.
Your question works just as well for the history of religious monotheism: I suspect, wary of any prejudice against jewish history, that the end state of Judaism is the result of ‘free action’ after the ‘divide’ or end of the transition around 600 BCE.
Judaism has had (along with Christianity) many critics suspicious that the claims of ‘revelation’ were suspiciously mixed with self-interest. What else is new. The record of judeo-christianity is still another failure to correct anything.
We see how religions emerged to correct the flaws of civilization but ended in their own superstitions.

I am not buddhist, but note their pessimism: skip civilization, it is a total failure, seek ‘enlightenment’ instead, after world renunciation. Buddhism is another failure, and that is not my view, but…

Let’s hope that in the judgment of the larger universe, if anyone is out there watching, our history so far is kindergarten, mistakes forgiven, and that the record of civilization as a whole
is universal failure.
We seem to be watching the end of the brief resurgence of modern democracy fail a second time. Twice man in civilization has been prompted to ‘democracy’ and the first failed, and
the modern second correction seems to be already failing. I doubt if ‘greater nature’ will prompt man a third time 2400 years from now.

I am going to put this online with my own version of your ‘good question’.

This is why I have been ‘worried’ about the future: man is on his own and gosh knows what screw ups will happen in the wake of the
eonic sequence.

Don’t despair, despite the evidence. But the current human situation is ambiguous to be kind, and wretched seen as is.

Man has no real leadership. Politicians? Religious leaders? Scientists? Scientists were unable to

correct the swimple mistakes of Darwinism and requires still outside critics to correct the ideological


I should interject I am not the judge of humanity.
In any case the issue of climate change should be a ‘no-brainer’ as they say. But modern culture in the US seems
determined to snatch planetary disaster from an ongoing modernity, well stocked to deal with resources of culture
to handle climate change. But is now controlled by large corporations who saw the problem forty years ago but did nothing.

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