That didn’t take long: the start of the ‘socialism’ witchhunt to eliminate progressives from the Dem gang…

Biden, ‘socialism’ election, aftermath
The help given by many on the left to the Biden option will go dark in a thankless turn of the screw.
The mere mention of the word ‘socialism’ is being anthematized as the capitalists fix their dem party animal.

The left should cram it down the throats of the right and make a mockery of their whole shebang. The Cubans in Miami deserve a direct challenge.
Maybe those who suffered the expropriation of their whore houses by Castro will come to final repentence as the world systm shifts toward socialism.

At the same time it is also true that the left must understand why socialism is so hated and here we have always insisted on moving on. Our idea of neo-communism makes clean break with the past of bolshevism and its failures.

The issue is pretty simple: the american system is shot, and the option of neo-socialism for a new generation is practically all that we have left.

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