The left needs a relaunch beyond marxism…WSWS and the ghost of marxism past…egad, Halloween this week…

The new site here is interesting and seemingly fresh, but a close look shows that it is old porridge rewarmed and the same old same old Marxist drivel that cannot lead to socialism.
We can invite the group behind this relaunch to consider a ‘real relaunch’ by moving beyond the Marxist canon, which is obsolete and defunct, and unable to animate a new generation even given its sudden new interest in the left. This is not the reformism versus revolution debate, but, revolution or reform, a platform that starts over beyond the failures of marxism which led to Bolshevism, Stalinism, and the complete wipeout of the second and subsequent internationals.
The same old claim for the science of Marxist theories is worse than useless, it makes a laughingstock of the left as such, including the so-called ‘petty bourgeois’ leftism that is so snobbishly pedigreed.
This blog has a lot of material pointing beyond marxism in a way that can deal equally with reformist and revolutionary platforms.
Marxists created a near-monopoly on the left and the result was a failure even as that monopoly persists to confuse each new generation of radicals.
The old left needs a new view of history, a critique of claims to a science of history, a break out past the useless historical materialism, an open disavowal of bolshevism, leninism and boilerplate marxism.
A new platform needs to sit down and find a new economic understanding, a correct understanding of the issues of the working class, a blueprint for a real socialism as democracy, and an immense legal pioneering of issues of property, a Commons, ecological socialism, The problems of markets and planning, and a world view or spectrum of such that isn’t the same old nineteenth-century positivistic scientism of Marx’s dogmatic ambition of be a great scientist.
Relaunch indeed.

The relaunch of the WSWS and the growth of its influence reflect a process of mass political radicalization under conditions of the greatest crisis since the 1930s.

Source: The relaunch of the World Socialist Web Site and the future of socialism – World Socialist Web Site

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