Theories versus praxis

archive: R48G: a streamlined version of the eonic effect…a Gaian matrix

June 19th, 2017 •
Marxists could supercharge their framework if they extract its ‘praxis’ elements and set aside ‘theory’ claiming to be science.
We have been hard on Marxist theory because (unlike liberalism, at least before Fukuyama) it tries to enforce a theory as a preliminary to action. But communism/socialism doesn’t really need a historical theory: it can be a constitutional framework based on deductions of fairness, the flaws of capitalism, etc…It is a construct of free agents acting historically according to principle in the attempt to craft ‘right economy’. And we would probably see this as a realization of ‘real democracy’ beyond the limits of
‘classic liberal’ versions.

But we have also suggested a historical model of our own with the same potential for wrong theory. However, as noted many times, the eonic model is not quite a theory, but a set of observations with some preliminary generalizations. In a way, the factor of incomplete evidence enforces a better logic! We must find the full pattern.

But we do see a pattern in world history, a complex sequential/gird logic in a non-random pattern whose dynamic is elusive yet outwardly clear from what it does:

we can simply note that world history shows a non-random pattern this implies some kind of dynamic
this dynamic like punctuated equilibrium operates in intervals with a rapid initial transition

that dynamic is partly invisible (like a noumenal aspect)

but we can construct a default chronology as a progression of epochs, with evidence since the invention of writing

this system operates in parallel and sequence

we don’t need a theory to operate and the system is so complex a theory is not yet possible the data issues a warning to be wary of reductionist historiography

The parallel effect is dramatically evident in the axial era, the sequential in three intervals from ca.
3000BCE\\the onset of modernity is the third epoch (they are probably seven or more) and is barely

the system restarts at each epoch in a new zone or set of zones

the most recent epoch is the onset of modernity with a massive jumpstart effect in Europe, heretofore outside core world history as of the Roman empire (just to scotch Eurocentric confusions)

a frontier effect can explain the placement of this modern transition…

the system is clearly ‘teleological’ but in a very difficult and abstract way: sequential grid logic is more
complex that simple directionality…

the system alternates system action and free action…we are now free agents in the wake of a transition,
and free to act at will, within obvious constraints

If we lose the early modern innovations we will go into decline…

we thus exit the most recent transition as free agents and in fact operate with the injections of the new
epoch, and we don’t have to understand this system to proceed

this system shows a clear trend of injected neo-political formations with a democratic focus, in parallel to socialist and communist versions…The interplay of capitalism and communism is a characteristic property of modernity, and should be a no-brainer, but…

this system is a kind of Gaian ‘evolutionary’ matrix and as we exit its last effect we enter the era of a final globalization…we must move to a higher level of civilization that can construct its own planetary civilization. It is very doubtful if unrestricted free markets can resolve this situation…Time to face reality…

There is thus absolutely no reason this has to be finalized as a capitalist system of free markets, the
latter showing severe distortions…

We can see that this system stands beyond economic histories and touches all aspects of culture…

There is one catch to this analysis: we have not claimed that this is an exclusive dynamic for the whole of history. Christianity emerges outside the eonic effect but clearly in its wake (the reason we also are so confused about Judaism). This requires an additional set of concepts.

In general, this is an ‘open system’: space aliens could arrive and interfere. spiritual powers of some kind, if they exist, could create religions, outside the matrix but using a set of prior materials. But they cannot be the source of that the larger dynamic (here the Jews became confused because they the issue was ‘god in history’, doesn’t work). Men in their confusion can construct entirely distorted deviations. But the basic overall dynamic is almost cosmic in its elusive grandeur.

Here’s the interesting part: we don’t as yet have to agree with all this to operate. we can use this to replace historical mythologies and theories but we can just as well critique it. But we can’t undo the facts of the case. For example, Axial Age or not the clustering of innovation is a reality we can’t ignore. The period of Archaic/Classical Greece shows massive innovation, whatever its place in a larger suspected system…

We can’t resolve this to technological, economic or religious categories, but all of them have their place
in the system we detect…

We need to wake up and note the way that ‘free agency’ can result in screw ups. Compare Athenian Greece, and Rome…Decline is likely to be our fate unless we can maintain balance etc…Capitalism looks to be moving us into advanced civilization and then in twinkling into barbarism. The idea of communism, wrested from marxist dogma, is an open field to resolve these secondary dilemmas…

This leaves us with the question, what the blazes is a Gaian system? I can’t say, as yet. I note that J. G. Bennett thought he had an answer without seeing the eonic effect, and it was based on ancient Samkhya. Clever, but dubious. We can explore that later (already have, in fact) but we are missing something very drastic in our perceptions of cosmic life. Let’s hope the new era will lead us to a new level of understanding…

We are at a moment of peril and should consider just how stupid we have been in handing history to capitalist hyaenas. Idiot…Fukuyama gets a pretty big booby prize. Marx/Engels et al. quite obviously the start of attempts to prevent disaster…

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