Decoding World History // version 3xa


This study of world history is recommended for those stuck in academic history routine, Darwinian pseudo-science, religious historicism, new age guruism, and even leftist and/or capitalist ideology. Let’s note that Jesus Christ is not your savior, so that’s out and you are on your own in history.

What about science? Try finding a super nerd scientist with enough smarts to debug the statistical flaws in Darwinian natural selection. We dare not mention the issue bizarre fantasy world of neo-classical economics.
As to the latter, capitalism, the reader will note that the subject is barely mentioned in the book until the end: capitalism should be a marginal issue in world history, a tool, but instead, it has overtaken modern society with a mentality now unable to deal with climate change, a failure that is so severe we can only reel in a panic about the future of man.  That is not the same as rejecting capitalism. It only says that capitalism can’t generate a real future for man, do its reign must be temporary. That used to be a debate, now the point is almost obvious. The legacy of Bolshevism has deprived the left of an alternative. In this circumstance, the left must reinvent itself. But the left is the only avenue open to a new future.
In any case, Decoding World History is relatively neutral on these issues, but it is a reminder that our views of history are simply not adequate at this point.
Speaking for myself the passage beyond capitalism has gone from left-wing pipedream to inevitable by default. Capitalists have only themselves to blame: capitalism is no longer an option.

The verdict on world history is grim but not hopeless. But even as people speculate about aliens (who would have to be nuts to show themselves in public to man) a deeper logic in the eonic effect shows that most of the good parts of history are system generated and all the bad parts are human tragedy in action. Facing this will be hard, and needs a slow introduction. Consider, what the eonic effect  makes clear: Democracy and abolition were system generated macro effects, we suspect. Thus man on his own couldn’t abolish slavery or produce democracy. The discussion needs to be a little nuanced, but the basic point is clear: man is threatened with evolutionary failure, or so it would seem. From DWH:

    • We end with an ambiguous outcome: we see that the eonic series ‘evolves’ man in civilization, but is the evolution of man complete or will the species homo move to a new species of hominid? The answer in part depends on deciphering the enigma of evolution and especially in resolving the ultimate challenge: the supremacy of free action in the wake of the eonic series. The record of history is eerie, if not a final judgment. We must ask if man can survive via free action if ‘democracy’ and ‘abolition’ are system-induced, the results of macro intervention. Human history inspires little confidence. But the test is not yet complete. We are not yet in a posiltion to give homo sapiens the grade of F.

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