Darwin propaganda machine

archive: who’s an authority on evolutionary theory?
July 24th, 2017

The plight of biology is a severe case of both unintelligent theory and downright deception. The result is an entire generation confused on the subject of evolution.
I would not consider myself an authority on the subject, but by comparison with most institutional
scientists I may as well be.

Study of WHEE can help you to get past darwinian confusions in short order, without giving you another substitute belief system or ‘theory’. To be sure, WHEE is just on the verge of ‘theory’, but stops short with a demonstration of an ‘evolutionary pattern’ of a special kind.

The first issue confusing people is the dogma of natural selection. Biologists are incapable of getting past this. It is strange. Fred Hoyle a generation ago exposed the problem in one short paragraph on the statistics of natural selection. But the point simply won’t sink in.

So, it is not all that surprising that outsiders can do better here. I think WHEE shows all the pieces involved in a real theory of evolution, but applied to something closer to cultural evolution.

But the existence of a falsification of random evolution in world history can be of great help to try to see where Darwinism is going wrong. WHEE is useful also for not obsessing over design arguments.

WHEE takes you through the way the non-random emerges, and then stops, without hyping final

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