The Socialist Moment, and How to Extend It 

We have backflipped a dozen times here on the issue of ‘so-called’ socialism in a sort of ‘dialectic’ of reform/revolution. We have been critical of Sanders and equally supportive of his so-called socialism.
We can stand back and see how the DSA brand plays out, but let us note that as a ‘real’ socialist in the sense of making the expropriation of capital a first, I am unwelcome in the so-called socialist movement now supposedly expanding to reach, wow, a hundred thousand members. I have generally supported the DSA anyway since it at least moving in one possibility strain.
We should note that for all the enthusiasm for Sanders he failed twice with the strategy in question: working in the democratic party. It is true to note that third party politics has always failed, but isn’t it also true that working anywhere near the Democratic party will always fail. After all the socialist hot air having to enforce voting for Biden (the game hass gone on for the last five elections) shows the non-existence of any movement.
We are all stuck in a situation of social calamity and no leftist configuration whatever to confront that.
However, the climate movement has shown some success, at least to the point of energizing public protest. The Socialist left can’t even stage a public march. And the racial protest movement took off and went global in two weeks. That’s a sign ‘socialists’ of any brand aren’t doing anything right.
I think that a doubloon movement is needed that can approach reform and revolution equally and recreate a new left beyond marxism and social-democratic legacies. A dangerous trend is underway: the protest movements are now on the right and they are armed and militia-infested.
The left needs a post-bolshevism that has a new take on economy, history, secularism, evolution, and revolutionary histories.
This is perhaps the fiftieth useless book with advice on leftist treading water…

While Joe Biden has been making it unmistakably clear that he’s nobody’s socialist tool, the American socialist movement—most of whose adherents will be voting for Biden—has continued to expand. The Democratic Socialists of America (to which I’ve belonged since the Neolithic Age) now has more than 70,000 members and has launched a campaign to raise that number to 100,000. At its current rate of growth, its membership rolls may well surpass that of the Debs-era Socialist Party, which claimed 118,000 dues-payers at its early-20th-century zenith.

Source: The Socialist Moment, and How to Extend It | Portside

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