?‘nothing animates history….’? false…consider the ‘macro/eonic effect’…

archive: ‘nothing animates history….’? false…consider the ‘macro/eonic effect’…
August 10th, 2017 •

4. There is no God. Nothing animates our history and organizes our lives apart from our own powers, yet, paradoxically, humans have never controlled their own existence.

For all of history, we have been dominated and bewitched by powers emanating entirely from human activity but that slipped our grasp. However, says the still-theological Marx, we were placed on earth to overcome this condition: history drives steadily toward our recapture of these alienated powers. With communism, the story goes, we will finally control the conditions of existence rather than be controlled by them.

Breaking this story apart and judging its pieces separately, perhaps we arrive here: Marx’s diagnosis of a world out of control is right, the progressive historiography is wrong, and the political ideal is indispensable, especially at this perilous historical juncture. We cannot abandon the dream of radical democracy and surrender instead to rule by markets, experts, or political maneuvering indifferent to the common good. We cannot give up the Marxist ideal of collectively taking ourselves in hand, even if this ambition must now be tempered by humility about our place on earth.

The marxist stance on history is false. History is filled with a mysterious agency or process driving the
development of civilization. The term ‘god’ should not be used. WHEE

Man makes himself, in the classic phrase, but only in relation to an evolutionary macro process. He is in the process of graduating from this process to inherit his full autonomy….

If we study the modern transition we see that the revolutionary left emerged with the same macro induction that once induced religion. The analog is telling.

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