The real ID methodology must be ‘atheist’…//ID gang’s cancel culture:… and failure to understand their own ID

I do not use the term ‘intelligent design’ because it is sabotaged by religious confusions. But I do refer to it in Decoding World History,. because, if you set side the theistic subtext of the term, you can find the most massive case of ‘design’ in world history, and its ‘intelligence’ is not evidence of a designer, as such. The strange reality is the ID group can’t understand ID! I do use the term ‘design’ because design is pervasive in nature. And does indeed look ‘intelligent’, but the term is unusable because it suggests a person or mind, and that confuses the analysis.
To the atheist, the idea of ‘intelligent design’ or better simply ‘design’ suddenly clarifies and enables a way past the idiocy of darwinism.
I put ‘atheist’ in quotation marks: there are so many definitions of ‘god’ that even an atheist is likely to be a theist by one of them.
The issue of atheism is the stupidity of the biblical ‘god’ idea, which is almost a form of blashphemy inside the biblical theology.

The ID people can’t get their own ID right, and that is a bit sad. The Cancel culture they speak of is very real but they have their own cancel culture. World History and the Eonic Effect sho…

Source: ID gang’s cancel culture:….//Despite Darwinists’ Cancel Culture, Intelligent Design Has a Breakthrough in Biology Journal | Evolution News – Darwiniana

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