R48G: does our manifesto gobble your manifesto (or vice versa)?…//A Manifesto for Our Times: the Challenge to Abolish Systemic Racism 

In the end the issue of racism requires a new society, and a socialist framework…Our idea of Democratic Market Neo-communism both deserves a critique vis a vis racial justice and its own critique of the way racism pervades US society, most probably beyond repair.

* Free quality health care and education for all from the cradle to the grave, including generalized virus testing and PPE now!* An end to all evictions and foreclosures during this COVID-19 pandemic and depression era! Limitations on rent to no more than 20 percent of household income!* $Billions for human needs not endless wars of imperial intervention and murder. No to sanction wars, drone wars, Secret Operation wars, death squad assassination wars and privatized army wars!* An end to racist deportations. Tear down the walls! Full amnesty and equal rights for all! No human being is illegal!* An end to the violence and discrimination against women and LGBTQI+ people!* Save the earth! Stop the impending fossil fuel-induced climate catastrophe. Nationalize the entire fossil fuel corporate monopolies for a rapid transition to a safe, ecologically sustainable energy system. Jobs for all at a living wage for all replaced workers during the transition! No to environmental racism and to toxic waste dumping!

Two Manifestos version 2(4)

Source: A Manifesto for Our Times: the Challenge to Abolish Systemic Racism – CounterPunch.org

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