Decoding World History ver. 2x…and the collapse of Darwinism

Decoding_World_History version 2x

World history has a mysterious logic behind it. The eonic model would make a good substitute for historical materialism. It is an empirical study and not a theory of history. The model is not leftist propaganda but can be a way to unify a broad spectrum of opposites.

Marxists can’t seem to grasp that they no longer have a subject beyond a kind of cult  and theories that can no longer attract a public.
It is also  challenge to Darwinism, and that has usually led to the ‘cancel culture’ of both the academic and leftist communities. But the question of evolution is on the move and the old establishments on this issue are being left behind.

The global system is nearing a chaotification point and needs to assess the nature of modernity and the future of its classic realizations.

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