Toward historical sanity on the left: beyond the idiocy of historical materialism

Decoding_World_History version 2x
We have a new version of Decoding World History as the book nears a first complete version.

Speaking from the left we have criticized historical materialism and the economic version of history. Marxism has run out of gas and is not taken seriously by anyone anymore.
The approach to world history in this new account points to a simple substitute for Marxist confusion over history, and should appeal to mon-marxists as well. The book explores the eonic effect, but beyond that, the method is useful: no theories, instead simple outlines and chronologies. The outline of history approach is far superior to the idiocy of Marx’s theory of history. But the strength of that dated corpus has turned anyone with common sense into a heretic confronting Marxist proto-Stalinists. Maybe they can’t spare a bullet.

Just observing world history is enough. And to reduce it to economic categories is not helpful.
The model of the eonic effect stands beyond dogmatic theories, wastes no time on ‘materialism versus idealism’, allows the study of economies empirically instead of in the fallacious /feudalism/capitalism/communism/ model.
The eonic model takes in everything in one form or another and is far more useful at the point of socialist transition because
it can deal with all the categories of human culture, isn’t glued to crackpot scientism, actually discusses free will,
and has a cornucopia of potential categories. In a kind of default form, it simply points to default historical data.

But is it useless to deal with Marxists. They are trained in a curious kind of stupidity that has made a religious of economic issues and forces of production theory, a notably bad form of social theory.

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