Democratic Market Neo-communism

R48G: remorphing liberal democracy one to one with DMNC shows the ‘end of history’ argument can apply to both systems…

May 9th, 2017 ·

Let us reiterate our argument in the last post (quoted below): Read our depiction of DMNC and note that the system is essentially the same as a liberal market system and yet different in the way it remorphs one to one the basic elements into a neo-communism of the Commons. But the whole liberal apparatus is still there in another form.

The point should have been obvious given the lesser version of the New Deal, for example. Does Fukuyama’s argument forbid that? His neo-con confreres surely thought so and Fukuyama made the problem worse because it has led to the cancer of privatization taken to extremes.

Does Fukuyama not see that the Commons in our formulation already exists in free-market capitalism, albeit in an incomplete form. At what point does moving capital to the Commons violate one and the same ‘end of history’ argument?

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