History, theory, and slavery, a set of posts

Update on short thread of today’s posts.
I will leave this thread as is for the moment but suggest its relevance and importance. Modern society has no correct evolutionary or historical frameworks, none. And professionals are in general belligerent as to the foundational issues, in reality almost all wrong. Science has been miscontrued in the fields beyond physics and biochemistry.
Professional historian, Darwinians, and note even physicists will reject the logic of history we have found, But their opinions are mostly worthless.
For over a century the entire professional caste starting with biologists has been confused by Darwinism, made it a dogmatic ideology, no doubt due to capitalism, and corrupted every field they have touched.
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1619 question, democracy and slavery in world history (and socialism) , the eonic model, and the nature of systems, theories, and causal fallacies

I put the posts on the issue of democracy, and slavery (1619) into one post, and will continue to add material, perhaps.

This kind of model cuts straight to the real issues. But it is tricky and requires study. But it shows clearly how world history is not a causal system in the usual sense. And that includes historical materialism. Best to stay with empirical histories and then carefully consider something like the eonic model. It is a crude and time and motion model that stumbles into a strange mystery, a dynamic that is completely unexpected and very difficult to resolve even though we can see what it is doing. Economic systems are subsystems and don’t direct the path of evolving civilizations, save perhaps in the short term. Marx was tearingf his hair trying decipher some epochal sequence in history. Suddenly we find the right way to consider that, viz. the eonic effect. But the results incomplete empirically and vast in scope.
One must be an avid reader of history to even start here, and even then it is hard.

The issue is not economic systems, but ‘evolution’, in some new definition, the evolution of civilization. Evolution, as Lamark first realized (despite his apparent goof on some aspects of adaption, if they were indeed goofs, in the era of epigenetics), in a crude sense: he spoke of two levels, etc…

We should note the argument here applies also, with modifications, to the emergence of socialism beside democracy. We can look at that in another post.

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