Right-Wing Authoritarianism and the Crisis of Education 

This is an important perspective but it is important to consider that fascism was not defeated by non-violence, but by a conflict in the mode of war. The right has strangely inherited the left’s memes and the result is a conservative and fascist parody of the left. The rise of rightist violence and incidents of insurrection show that the right has taken a leftist perspective into the libertarian distortion of freedom and the perversion of concepts that it created.
The reality of insurrection lies at the core of the American legacy, and the resolution/ dissolution of the right in a insurrection as of old against (American, not British) empire in a new international, etc, The future of democracy needs ‘real democracy’ and that evokes the echo of socialism into a new and cogent definition.

The future of democracy in the United States will not be determined by the malignant decisions made by a reactionary group of Supreme Court Justices. Nor will it be decided by the existence of voter suppression laws, the ubiquity of the big lie, massive structural inequality, or the rise of white nationalism to the centers of power, and a politics dominated by white supremacist ideology. Nor will it be decided by the rhetorical accelerant endlessly produced by former President Trump with his frequent allusions to violence and armed revolt. It will be decided by the increasing collapse of conscience, the undermining of truth, and a mass consciousness that supports violence as a central weapon for social change.

Source: Right-Wing Authoritarianism and the Crisis of Education – CounterPunch.org

The Right-Wing Attack on Racial Justice Talk | Portside

Forces on the political right—Donald Trump and his epigones, Fox News, the Manhattan Institute, The Wall Street Journal, among others—have engaged in a fierce, concerted, and effective effort to vilify dissident thinkers who are trying to deepen, sharpen, and reframe ways in which racial matters are portrayed and discussed. Their strategy is sly. They have repurposed “critical race theory” and related thinking to demonize anyone who would challenge the right’s whitewashed fable of American exceptionalism.

Source: The Right-Wing Attack on Racial Justice Talk | Portside

Someone Is Counting on Making Your Vote Not Count

Welcome to Breaking the Vote, the newsletter from VICE News tracking the steady assault on American democracy. I guess the first thing I’d say is that I wish we didn’t have to be here. I wish there were no need for a reporting project dedicated to the ongoing campaign of lying, bad faith, violence, intimidation, and authoritarianism aimed at solidifying right-wing minority rule. It would be better if we weren’t all watching an accelerating effort in Washington—and in precincts large and small across America—to separate voters’ will from who takes power to govern them.

Source: Someone Is Counting on Making Your Vote Not Count

‘An American Caesar’

We have often critiqued the misperception of the decline of the us and/or modern civilization in relation to the decline of the Roman republic, empire. But in another way the comparison is inevitable.
The problem is precisely what is happening here: a telescoped version of decline as ideological grounds to dispense with a republic and move into an authoritarian system under the Caesar meme. It took six centuries for a Roman republic to turn into a system of emperors. The US analog doesn’t work.
Still, American democracy has become corrupted in record time, a mere two centuries from 1800 relative to our eonic model. But it doesn’t follow that the analog with Rome really works.

The better analogy is with the case of Athens whose democracy failed within two or so centuries from Solon (in the discussion of divides and transitions): we see the uncanny accuracy of eonic analog in that case.

Perhaps all these views work in their own way. But the decline of the Roman system is a misleading analogy. The US system should potentially have had a far longer endurance yet seems to have lost its coherence prematurely.

Source: ‘An American Caesar’: How the right wing is embracing dark ideas once considered ‘unthinkable’ – Alternet.org