Forcing ecological thinking into the mold of historical materialism won’t work…

Although the effort to find a basis for ecological issues in marx is of great historical importance, the danger is that the new claim for the ecological marx(ism) threatens to implicate ecologists in the marxist dogmatic system. Blending historical materialism and ecology won’t work and will reduce ecology to a form of marxist scientism.

Source: Marx and Nature: A Red and Green Perspective – 622167f851b636d3d9556fdda4e4482bd3c4.pdf

 Archaic marxism

The debate over idealism and materialism (which still lingers today, no doubt) is a product of the early nineteenth century when reductionist scientism collided with hegelian idealism (and not only that), the latter a bit extravagant perhaps, and we see the extreme reaction in the generation of marx/engels. But the debate is pointless now, and in an age of quantum mechanics almost ridiculous. The obvious suggestion in general is that both views are right and somehow complementary.
The marxist left is still mired in the morass of that dated argument and needs to move on. Inflicting this one those who wish to move toward socialism is both pointless and highly prejudicial. The prospect of imposing hard-core materialism of the early science era on the whole of thought has alienated so many potential socialists that one has to wonder at the boxed mentation created by the marxist legacy.

Source: The eonic model beyond materialism/idealism  – Darwiniana – Darwiniana

The need for a new post-marxist set of frameworks…

We have extracted a short blogbook from a longer piece with older archived posts.
The text points the way to a new and simplified approach (we had several here) to a leftist paradigm without the confusions of historical materialism. The booklet is at most a series of notes for a whole book and/or an introduction to World History and the Eonic Effect.
Every scientific theory ends up obsolete and marxism is not exception, but leftists tend to keep it central in a kind fetishism of true believers.
Most of the rest of the marxism is another matter: filled with useful material of one kind or another. But the theoretical confusions of marxism pervade the whole subject and the whole left.
We need to make Marx/Engels historical introductions to a new formulation created in our ‘now’ and relevant to the conditions of current economics, globalization, and science, and with a rewrite introducing ecological socialism as a keynote.

The eonic effect, model, theories, free agents and the endless free will debate…

It may seem counterproductive to critique marx’s theories, but it has nothing to do with marx: it is an issue to do with theories in general. The successful theories we see in physics and its related subjects can be misleading: Continue reading “The eonic effect, model, theories, free agents and the endless free will debate…”