Refugee crocodiles in the arctic?

This is a useful but equivocal discussion of migration. I tend to agree on the issue of open borders, but are confronted with a future in which whole sectors of planetary geography will no longer sustain their own populations. That means that billions will enter the migration/desperation zone. And the refuge zones, e.g. France may themselves start to desertify.
We may be reaching an insoluble endgame’ for armed elites, with arctic refugee crocodiles for company.

I generally believe that Sanders is the best we can presently hope for within the rigid, narrow confines of the American electoral system. But on this question, he must be pressured to change. If climate change is the defining issue of our time, as I firmly believe it to be, then its closest human corollary is the free movement of people in the world. Continue reading ” Refugee crocodiles in the arctic?”

Game Over? Report Card on Our Planet’s Environment

That report follows on one in October 2018 by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It said with “high confidence” that at the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, “global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 if it continues to increase at the current rate.” Avoiding the worst-case consequences would require measures that have “no documented historic precedent.”

Source: Game Over? Report Card on Our Planet’s Environment

‘A World Without Clouds. Think About That a Minute’: New Study Details Possibility of Devastating Climate Feedback Loop

“We face a stark choice [between] radical, disruptive changes to our physical world or radical, disruptive changes to our political and economic systems to avoid those outcomes.”

Source: ‘A World Without Clouds. Think About That a Minute’: New Study Details Possibility of Devastating Climate Feedback Loop

what the forbes planet trasher capitalists think about the GND…//Even Democrats Are Wary Of The Green New Deal

My support for the GND is double-edged, with a warning, made clear by the capitalist trash/rag Forbes, that it is apparently unlikely to happen and will actually destroy progressive change as the right leverages the idea for the ‘base’, and the phalanx of idiots emboldened by trump.
As noted here many times, our last years of a tolerable climate require a revolutionary solution however difficult of seemingly improbable.
We are about to lose a planet: what’s the deal with a GND that is a fantasy we still have a legislative government?

The Green New Deal aspires to nothing short of a wholesale re-imaging of our national economy, including the elimination of U.S. carbon emissions, creation of single-payer healthcare and guaranteed income. All of this would be accomplished in the space of a decade with taxpayer dollars.

Source: Even Democrats Are Wary Of The Green New Deal