Did Washington Boost Another South American Coup?

Dating back well over a century, U.S. regime change operations have ravaged the Southern Hemisphere. U.S. coups are ongoing. In fact, they never stopped. Even as you read this, doubtless in the bowels of the Washington security state, anonymous bureaucrats further and promote other plots against leftist Latino leaders. The Empire never sleeps.

Source: Did Washington Boost Another South American Coup? – CounterPunch.org

Was There Really an Attempted Coup? 

Is part of the problem is the failure of the left to maintain its legacy of revolutionary transition beyond capitalism? Like the Mullah Nasrudein story, ‘they stole my donkey’, the left has let its focus on radical change slip away into hot air chatter and the new toy of the fascist virus. Modern civilization has never completed its democratic transformation which requires disentangling from capitalist domination, class oppression in economic voodoo, and a genuine social democratic fix, probably only possible via a comprehensive socialist action. The latter has itself been squandered by the mediocre platforms of the conventional left, stuck in the dated slogans of Marxist orthodoxy. Liberals demand adherence to democracy, but the right seems to have figured out that the current system, being undemocratic behind its slogans, doesn’t require any such adherence. The path to social transformation needs a new defining standard no doubt one that upgrades the critiques of democracy by the early socialist before the Leninist distortions took hold.

Bennie Thompson, chair of the House of Representatives’ select committee investigating the insurrection at the US Capitol, said, “January 6th was the

Source: Was There Really an Attempted Coup? – CounterPunch.org