‘American Carnage’ Unveiled 

It doesn’t seem to sink in that this country’s so-called president withheld deadly serious information from the American people about such a life-altering, once-in-a-century coronavirus that it could kill them. It was his biggest lie yet. What Donald Trump did was comparable to setting the house on fire – our house – with “we the people” locked inside as we helplessly watched the smoke curling in under the doors and dying one by one with little or no possibility of rescue. More

Source: ‘American Carnage’ Unveiled – CounterPunch.org

In North Carolina and Around the US, Neoliberal Universities Are Sending Students Into Hell

Many colleges and universities around the country have insisted on reopening in-person classes and putting the burden of preventing coronavirus on individual college students. The administrators behind these decisions seem to care little for the obvious devastation this is wreaking among students.

Source: In North Carolina and Around the US, Neoliberal Universities Are Sending Students Into Hell

The Dystopian Coronavirus

A parade of armed white nationalists took over the Michigan statehouse demanding that Gretchen Whitmer “Liberate Michigan” and reopen. The police stood there and did nothing, with some likely smiling inside. Fast forward two months to Portland, Oregon, where protesters outside a federal building were tear gassed and beaten with batons by federal agents. Covid-19 More

Source: The Dystopian Coronavirus America – CounterPunch.org

A Wrong Message for the Pandemic 

Public health messages addressed to the general population should be clear and unambiguous. This is particularly important in times of a pandemic like that caused by the coronavirus. Millions of lives are at stake. One of the messages, “social distancing,” widely used by public health authorities during the present pandemic, exemplifies this shortcoming. It should More

Source: A Wrong Message for the Pandemic – CounterPunch.org

Here’s your field guide to the 5 main types of pandemic deniers

Every day there is more data to prove the dangers of the coronavirus. Yet, bizarrely, the more proof we have of the damage of the pandemic; the more vicious and hysterical its deniers. It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of uninformed, deluded ideas covidiots spew on a daily basis.

Source: Here’s your field guide to the 5 main types of pandemic deniers – Alternet.org

Paul Krugman issues dire warning about next four months

In his column for the New York Times, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman expressed dismay that — even with coronavirus infection rates going through the roof across the country —Donald Trump is still acting like the health crisis is over and Americans should return to their normal lives.

Source: Paul Krugman issues dire warning about next four months – Alternet.org