The US, China and the DMNC model

I am not in the business of stoking the US/China divide but in this case it is of interest to note that if the US is falling behind China it is because its ideologies are in a state of confusion. China’s fake communism and compromise with markets however strikes a blow in the direction of our DMNC model where the US is stuck seemingly forever in a capitalist stranglehood. And that is starting to fail. Not that China isn’t almost capitalist itself.
But the grounds for revolution in the Last Revolution were almost abstraction in a model of virtual revolution. And yet suddenly we see that a revolution to something like a DMNC model would be greatly to the US’s advantage in the global sphere if it could be brought about by a group with the power, means and grasp of issues to bring it off. Unfortunately the US system is in the hands of mostly hopeless dolts, psychopaths as politicians spawned by so-called democracy.
At any rate, a complex nexus of socialist markets, planning and some parallel planned entities in the context of a Commons, and with a starting gesture toward a new International without the criminal mafia of covert agences and Zionists would fit the bill perfectly for the US which could regain its coherence and idealism and international leader all at once. Revolutions tend to be actions against an elite, but here a revolutionary group and some parts of that elite could create a neo-communism that could be very effective and halt the inexorable slide into the realm of imperialism, crime, and capitalist dictatorship now passing for ‘democracy’.

The Covid Debacle Rolls On 

What does China get for its heroic anti-coronavirus efforts? A constant beating in the western right-wing press. Its public health miracle is held up as having transformed the nation into a gulag (this from journalists whose U.S. “homeland” in fact features a real, live, out-and out carceral state gulag) and as proof of its hopelessly authoritarian governance. But I doubt Chinese leaders care what American free-market lunatics think. They clearly staked out their job as protecting the public health of their people, something we Americans can only dream of. Our rulers screech “get back to work! If you drop dead, them’s the breaks.” China’s response betokens far more civilization: “Don’t spread it, and get better soon.”

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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures…//9_1_22

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED2_9_1_22

Notes/Intro’s to various versions…: (The Amazon paperback and Kindle versions have fallen behind, wait if interested…: stick with PDF)

I just reread D. Valentine’s The CIA as Organized Crime (cited in text). A book to give one pause. A totalitarian state of affairs already exists in the way the public is completely in the dark about what is going on and the way covert action has inserted itself into ‘deep state’ mode.


The focus of The Last Revolution is on revolution, and yet it can be taken as a virtual model to orient thinking disorganized by piecemeal reformist thinking. The ‘left’ is forced to consider each issue as in some fashion a new movement, a treadmill of endless effort going nowhere.

The Marxist world is stuck forever in the Darwinian mindset that haunts science and academia. If only left could have exposed the Darwin fallacies at the start, or at least much sooner. Sadly, it is impossible to communicate with Marxists on Darwinism, the JFK assassination, or the 9/11 false flag operation. Marxists have sealed their own fate and threaten to take down the whole left with them.
Jacobin has just published an article defending Marxism as science. After a year of sending links to my book they should know better than to embarrass a leftist writer by printing old-fashioned nonsense. The only people left that believe Marxism is scientific are Marxists, everyone else simply shakes their head. Time to just stop, and print some of the critics on the left. Marxism peddled as science has no future.

The Last Revolution has a comprehensive critique of this view, but of course that is canceled as propaganda is dredged up to evidently keep the Marx faithful confused….

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