The US could achieve a new global position by leading the way beyond capitalism…

China, whatever its geopolitical rise, is so flawed as a communist system as to be a hopeless contradiction…the US could, however seemingly imaginary the possibility, lead the way through the crisis planetary destruction by creating a path to postcapitalism…Our DMNC model, however up in the air, is concrete enough to suggest a way, one that doesn’t get stuck in the muddle of chinese political idiocy (but the chinese could take the same path with its own version done right…)

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. It is, quite possibly, life-and-death for the planet… Mark Twain once commented, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Source: Conflict With Iran Portends World War III | Common Dreams Views

The global war on democracy?

America is nowhere near as bad as Brazil or China, much less North Korea. But our democracy is eroding significantly. Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) tracks hundreds of attributes of democracy for 202 countries, spanning more than two centuries. Its 2019 report found that “24 countries are now severely affected by what is established as a ‘third wave of autocratization,’” an erosion of democratic rights “that has slowly gained momentum since the mid 1990s. … Among them are populous countries such as Brazil, India and the United States.”

Source: The Trump depression: Experts see a serious psychological depression taking hold in America. Here’s how to fight it –

Lifeboat Earth 

We need a new International, and something better than either the failing capitalism of the american monstrosity or the pseudo-communism of the failed chinese system.
The dilemma of the two fails to see (as with our democratic market neo-communism) that the traditional opposites are both wrong: our DMNC can remorph a liberal system into a communism, and a communism into a liberal system.

Is China or the Green New Deal the answer to climate change?.. At its best, the earth was once likened to a spaceship that sails through the heavens with a crew working together for the common good.

Source: Lifeboat Earth | Common Dreams Views

 Political science hasn’t been invented yet…

These comparisons are apt, but perhaps misleading as Reich is no doubt aware: we see fragments in isolation when what we need is a combination that is able to integrate a set of opposites seen in isolation. Our ‘(ecological socialist) ‘democratic market neo-communism’ purports to integrate these fragments after a combined analysis of ‘democracy’ in relation to authority, markets in parallel with planning and a genuinely socialist idea of a Commons which is not the same as state capitalism.
The Chinese example is better compared to the nineteenth century take offs, e.g. the american, where the american now shows a kind of decadence of its initial success. All of our models are incomplete and mislead us: ‘socialism’, ‘democracy’, markets and capitalism, etc, are abstractions that have little meaning in isolation. Capitalism would seem an exception, being apparently quite thoroughly realized, but a closer look from the left shows a frankenstein myth come true and a market driven ‘self-organization’ mechanics now doomed to planetary wasteland creation, an incomplete fiction indeed.  We think these terms have stable definitions or are complete recipes but in reality the whole question of political science is a species of primitive superstition.

Source: Robert Reich: America’s biggest economic problem isn’t China –