US Teachers and Pediatricians Demand Major Federal Investment In Schools to Allow for Safe Reopening 

“It’s incredible to me that the federal government would see the necessity of bailing out airlines and banks and not see the need to do something similar for the public schools in this country,” said

Source: US Teachers and Pediatricians Demand Major Federal Investment In Schools to Allow for Safe Reopening | Common Dreams News

 Endgame of judeo-xtianity

The question of Israel gets more and more grostesque even after you think it has reached a nadir.

The puzzle now is how any self-respecting jew could even refer to the Jewish tradition without wincing at the degradation it has now become.
Part of the problem is that noone can really discuss the real issues or make any statements at all about the Continue reading ” Endgame of judeo-xtianity”

‘Cancel Culture’ and the Pro-Israel Lobby 

If we want to identify the real masters of cancel culture, we need to follow the modus operandi of the institutional pro-Israel lobby and its adherents, like the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs or B’nai Brith Canada. They can teach us a thing or two about how to kill free speech, and how cancel culture works to stop an utterance before it is even spoken.

Source: ‘Cancel Culture’ and the Pro-Israel Lobby – Canadian Dimension

Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Vegetation After Emissions Shutoff “Now” 

If all carbon dioxide emissions were immediately and permanently shut off in the year 2020 (with 417ppm of CO2 presently in the atmosphere), when would the natural uptake of CO2 by Earth’s vegetation (primarily, at first) bring the CO2 concentration down to its “ancient” level of 280ppm?; and when would the average global surface temperature More

Source: Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Vegetation After Emissions Shutoff “Now” –

Decoding World History version 7
I am accelerating the completion of Decoding World History and here is a new version, still rough, sorry. I tried to keep the account short, hopefully not too short.
The eonic model would make a good replacement for historical materialism, but in any case we can construct our Red Forty-eight Group using it without referring any longer to marxism at all.
The whole debate between idealism and materialism seems pointless now, and deviant versions of both materialism and idealism litter the philosophic wasteland.
World history, to note for marxists, does not proceed via economic epochs. It just doesn’t work.
The thing to do here is to extract from the Marx corpus all the stuff that isn’t an attempt at theory. That leaves a huge corpus: material on class, history, ideology, etc…
But the moment Marx makes a dynamical statement about history he goes wrong, even at the most basic level: class struggle is the motor of history is one. Change that to class struggle pervades world history. The former is theory, the latter empirical.

But as the Frankfurt citation today notes, we need larger categories. The eonic model more than provides that.

The eonic model shows how ideologies our historical productions of its dynamic: thus we need not apologize for using the model’s ideologies. The two that can work are the democratic line and the socialist line. Conservative reactionaries reject the modern age (there are other kinds of ‘modern’ conservatives) and are thus out in left field or beyond.
Democracy and then socialism come to a boil around the ‘divide’ period, amazing.

At a time of climate crisis the socialist option is resurfacing but we need to start over and find a new formulation. Stale marxism won’t work.

Marxists are orphans without a movement, but we are moving into a new era of the left and they can find a home in our R48G context.