the criminal/genocidal zionist mafia and its cover up…/Britain’s Witchfinders are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn

The degree of antisemitism blackmail in the aggressive tactics of the Jewish lobby spring ultimately from the growing weakness of Israel and the need to push their tactics to extremes: anything less will slide inexorably into broad public exposure to the horrific legacy of Zionism. It is useful here to cite the rising documentation of Zionist psychopathy: the public doesn’t read books but the chance that they might drives the band of lobbies to hidden desperation: in reality the jig is up….

The Blairite MPs have been trying to oust Corbyn any way they can. First through a failed re-run of the leadership contest and then by assisting the corporate media – which is equally opposed to Corbyn – in smearing him variously as a shambles, a misogynist, a sympathiser with terrorists, a Russian asset, and finally as an “enabler” of anti-semitism.

Source: Britain’s Witchfinders are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn 

Antizionism as philosemitism…

This is also why Zionism itself is really the antithesis of the Jewish tradition. The Jews have always been a rootless nomadic race of free thinkers with no devotion to blood and soil but instead a deep seated culture of rebellion against all forms of unjust authority even within their own communities. In fact, most of what I know about Israel’s criminal history comes from the Jews who continue to serve as the number one critics of that foul state that disgraces their proud lineage in their name; Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Gilad Atzmon, Uri Avnery.

Source: Zionists are the Most Precious Snowflakes

Zionism and the weaponization of the Old Testament as an instrument of oppression…the Old/New Testament as a pack of lies, chucking the Bible in the rubbish, today…

In a strange irony Zionism has proven to be the nemesis of the Judaic tradition, with the Xtian legacy not far behind on a broader range of issues.

The Old Testament has become a dangerous instrument of prejudice, historical propaganda, imperialism and social oppression. The abuse of this text for Zionist machiavellianism is the death sentence for the whole text, in any case the object of fairly thorough secular humanist expose.

(Actually the Old Testament was obviously from the start a territorial propaganda myth as with the myth of Joshua and the invasion and ethnic cleansing of Canaan.)

The New Testament is a direct competitor on the grounds of deception and rank dishonesty.

Time to chuck the Bible in the rubbish, goodbye to all that…

 The passing of judeo-xtianity…antisemitism blackmail and the passing away of the israeli rogue state

The boundaries of antisemitism are dissolving to reform given the reality behind the propaganda promoted by jews/israelis. The american public is unaware of the facts on the ground with respect to the rogue state of israel. Absurd charges of antisemitism are in part a defensive pre-emptive strike against public awareness of the out of control fascist zionism that has destroyed the integrity of the Israel state, itself increasingly, along with the US, a failed state. the core of that failure is judaism itself with its perverse definition of jewish identity turned into a citizenship definition defying the axioms of a liberal state nexus. Continue reading ” The passing of judeo-xtianity…antisemitism blackmail and the passing away of the israeli rogue state”

The past, the future and the inexorable failure of zionism

This post quixotically refers to the case of ancient Israel and its dissolution. But of the course the analogy (which was more en passant than serious) seems flawed because jews spawning Zionism were able to recreate a ‘state’ of Israel in modern times.

In terms of the eonic effect there is no inherent reason why this can’t happen, however rare. The eonic model distinguishes system action and free action: prime transition zones in the model show system action, then the result is free action. There is no inherent reason why  therefore modern remnants can’t on their own initiative do anything they please if they can manage it, including take over the ancient territory and try to revive th past.  To give an example, you can create a model of a dinosaur, that’s free action, but you can’t create a real dinosaur (so far) in its original environment, that’s (evolutionary) system action.

The case of modern Israel is an artificial dinosaur. Catch 22 moment, unfortunately. Continue reading “The past, the future and the inexorable failure of zionism”

Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a ‘Zioness’ alternative

Antisemitism? the worst enemies of jews are the zionists who have gone off the meter in criminal covert action…
The Women’s March has to stand up to this antisemitism blackmail or risk the destruction of their movement.

This is a pretty shocking development and yet not very surprising: this is par for the course for the aggressive attempts by Israelis to control american culture. Continue reading “Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a ‘Zioness’ alternative”

standing up to antisemitism blackmail…///Why They Hate the Women’s March

This article is part cover up it seems.
We can be glad the Women’s March has a ‘radical’ vision (of sorts) and they are right no doubt about the rightist mistrust there…
But this is a bit misleading given the ‘antisemitism’ blackmail of the Zionist gangsters in the background. The Women’s movement should dissociate itself from Zionist criminality and the obvious strong arm tactics of these outrageous no-doubt Israel-sourced attempts to seize de facto control of the movement.

Both the Right and the center have every reason to fear the Women’s March — it’s advancing a radical vision of feminism for the 99 percent.

Source: Why They Hate the Women’s March