‘We Are Living by the Sword’: The Regrets of an Israel Founder’s Son |

y name is Yaakov Sharett. I am 92 years old. I happen to be my father’s son for which I am not responsible. So this is how it is.” Yaakov chuckles and looks up from under a woolly hat towards a photograph of his father – proud in collar and tie – on his study wall in Tel Aviv. Moshe Sharett was a founding father of Israel, its first foreign minister and its second prime minister from 1954-55.

Source: ‘We Are Living by the Sword’: The Regrets of an Israel Founder’s Son | Portside

Deep state?  the hidden false flag op of 9/11

The term ‘deep state’ suffers orphanhood and multiple misdefinitions. We might be wary of its usage therefore but at the same time simply point to the giant question mark that lurks before the american government: the lefty has missed a very direct instance in the question of 9/11 and its hidden operators and zionist/mossad entanglement. If ever there was a ‘something’ deserving the term ‘deep state’ it is here, but we should not use the term in any case because we still don’t know who was who in the israeli/US 9/11 false flag op. The left still doesn’t know what hit them here…

For Trump the deep state is the government—or at least those parts of it that frustrate him in any way… This seems like a strange moment to be writing about “the deep state” with the country

Source: The ‘Deep State’ Does Not Mean What Trump Thinks It Means | Common Dreams Views

An Excellent Study Of The Manufactured Labour “Antisemitism Crisis” 

The zionist/israeli world is in trouble: their criminality (often in league with the US) drives them to ‘reverse charges’ with the new brands of manufactured bogus antisemitism. Various groups in the US and the UK are vulnerable to such empty charges of antisemitism, but only in the field of public opinion controlled by the hidden jewish lobbies, etc…etc…
Outsiders don’t have to submit to this and should try to relieve politicians from their captivity by a jewish chauvinism that tokens in the end the collapse the judaic legacies, next to, one should note, the parallel collapse of the xtian version…

The crux of Labour’s antisemitism controversy is the bruhaha over its grudging acceptance of the flawed International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of “antisemitism”. The media’s coverage of this controversy was framed by 2 assumptions: that under Corbyn antisemitism in Labour had become “institutionalized”, and that Corbyn and his associates had failed to counter this.

Source: An Excellent Study Of The Manufactured Labour “Antisemitism Crisis” – CounterPunch.org

The cynical zionist exploitation of weaponized biblical ideology

http://www.marxmail.org/msg158701.html: from the Times, via marxmail: U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’

We have analyzed the collapse of judeo-xtianity many times here, in terms of history, secularism, and the eonic effect.

Unfortunately, this collapse has taken the form of a decline of the worst kind: sinking into zionist criminal imperialism to the point of militarist warmongering and an obscene pseudo-religious ideology zionists as secularists don’t even believe themselves. Xtians should not stand for this grotesque strategy exploiting the beliefs of brainwashed religionists. Xtianity is turning into a equal monstrosity in its compliance with this frankenstein of Mossad and its criminal zionists.

Sadly, this factor had always existed in the legacy tradition: the Old Testament’s violent legacy was present from the beginning. We must look back on the history of modern Israel as a catastrophe from the start…


the criminal/genocidal zionist mafia and its cover up…/Britain’s Witchfinders are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn 


The degree of antisemitism blackmail in the aggressive tactics of the Jewish lobby spring ultimately from the growing weakness of Israel and the need to push their tactics to extremes: anything less will slide inexorably into broad public exposure to the horrific legacy of Zionism. It is useful here to cite the rising documentation of Zionist psychopathy: the public doesn’t read books but the chance that they might drives the band of lobbies to hidden desperation: in reality the jig is up….

The Blairite MPs have been trying to oust Corbyn any way they can. First through a failed re-run of the leadership contest and then by assisting the corporate media – which is equally opposed to Corbyn – in smearing him variously as a shambles, a misogynist, a sympathiser with terrorists, a Russian asset, and finally as an “enabler” of anti-semitism.

Source: Britain’s Witchfinders are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn