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We are living in turbulent times. President Trump and the rise of the alt-right are not the only news. Thousands of people have become politically active in the past year, galvanized by the Bernie Sanders campaign and now joining organizations on the left, such as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the International Socialist Organization, or Socialist Alternative.

Source: The Party We Need: A Revolutionary Socialist Party | Left Voice

This is a useful and cogent article but something in left wing strategies is not right. In part the problem is the emphasis on the working class without understanding the concept properly. Marx’s theories enter to confuse the issue: the working class and class struggle is the dynamic of history. Not really true. The dynamic of history is too obscure a concept and an abstraction on the level of a theory of evolution and there is no simple solution. History bears this out: the evidence is mixed as to the dynamism of the working class. Continue reading “working class and universal class…//The Party We Need: A Revolutionary Socialist Party | Left Voice”

Why Left Wing Populism Is Not Enough

We have created a format to deal with this issue of transversality in our distinction of universal and working class. It is true that the working class focus has shifted and weakened but perhaps this was inevitable and allows a new perspective of a left based on the ‘universal class’. The set theory metaphor suggests the set of all subsets and the additional interesting fact that units are themselves sets: the set of individuals. A perspective of various leftist combinations of subsets allows for a unity in diversity and at the same time, the working class, perhaps the largest subset can retain its focal emphasis and yet embrace diversity and its own self-critique…

The considerable advances that the labor movements made in the period 1945–1978 (known as “The Golden Age of Capitalism”), and the considerable expansion of social, labor, and political rights that these movements achieved on both sides of the North Atlantic (North America and Western Europe), generated a response from the economic and financial establishments—as well as from the political and media establishments which they influence enormously—that had an extensive impact. These establishments developed the anti-labor movement policies, known internationally as neoliberal policies, that significantly reduced the powers of labor and weakened the rights that had been won over the previous decades. More

Source: Why Left Wing Populism Is Not Enough

Marxist fantasies of the working class, endgame with Trump’s base

Although our DMNC model is essentially a revolutionary projection, we have always tried to offer an evolutionary version, even if it is a long shot. The point here is that we can define an evolutionary neo-communism that isn’t social democratic IF we can through electoral means begin the transition to a new system with the electoral expropriation of private property and a new constitution founded in a Commons. Is there any hope that that could happen? In theory it could happen. As climate chaos comes home it just might happen. In the early struggles for suffrage many thought that was what would happen, but it didn’t. Continue reading “Marxist fantasies of the working class, endgame with Trump’s base”