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Rising CEO pay stands in stark contrast to the grim economic realities that ordinary workers are facing nationwide as inflation—driven in large part by corporate profits—erodes modest wage gains and expiring pandemic aid leaves vulnerable families without a safety net.”While most of America struggles to put gas in the tank and pay the grocery bills, price-gouging, excessive-profit-taking CEOs used their captive boards to award themselves record pay,” Jennifer Taub, a professor at Western New England University School of Law and an expert on corporate governance, tweeted in response to the Journal’s findings

Source: Median Pay of Top CEOs Hits Record $14.7 Million as Workers Strike Over Starvation Wages

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 Extreme Heat Is Coming: What Policies Are in Place to Protect Workers? 

In less than a decade, 20 percent of Philadelphia’s workforce employed in outdoor occupations–roughly 136,000 outdoor workers–will find that it is too hot to work, and could face the choice of losing pay, losing their job, or worse, experiencing a harmful or even deadly heat-related illness. These jobs range from protecting the public, maintaining buildings, harvesting our food, constructing buildings and directing traffic, among many more.

Source: Opinion | Extreme Heat Is Coming: What Policies Are in Place to Protect Workers? | Shana Udvardy