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The phrase “War on Terror” invokes many different feelings and images depending upon one’s position in America and the world. While many understand it merely as a descriptor for a new frontier in American foreign policy and war, for others it has meant a new set of violent interventions and disturbances to their way of life. Last year’s somber reflections on the 20 years since 9/11 rarely engaged fully with the complexity and scope of the actions set in motion by American incursions into Afghanistan, Iraq, and multiple other countries in the years to follow.

Source: Muslims and the War on Terror: Two-Plus Decades of ‘Othering’ | Portside

the 9/11 issue must be resolved to the War on Terror for what it is// …Feminists Call for an End to the War on Terror 

To end the War on Terror requires a complete self-evaluation all around. The ‘conspiracy theory’ charge against those who tried to expose the covert false flag operation of the US (and probably Zionist operatives) has been a great injustice to those critics who have struggled for two decades to set the record straight. Granting that the issue is a difficult one to research, the fact remains that even a small amount of study of the emerging literature makes it clear that in some fashion covert operatives staged a patsy dark op in order to initiate the War on Terror. The first order of business must be to see that the War on Terror is a monumental crime against Islamic societies.
The left has somehow been fooled here and has ended in indirect complicity with the whole grotesque and nightmarish operation.
The issue then is that the War on Terror, whatever the facts and terrorism in the Islamic world, is a massive deception.
The left has been turned into a laughing stock here in one of the most alarming cases of social engineering, propaganda and brainwashing in the history of the modern state.

As transnational feminists united against militarism and war, we call for a new U.S. foreign policy that recognizes interdependence and prioritizes connection and cooperation, reparations for historic and systemic harms, valuing people and the planet over profit, and protecting everyone, especially those made most vulnerable.

Source: Opinion | An Open Letter to Biden: Feminists Call for an End to the War on Terror | Feminist Peace Initiative

The War on Terror Was Corrupt From the Start 

Consider the case of Hikmatullah Shadman, who was just a teenager when American Special Forces rolled into Kandahar on the heels of Sept. 11. They hired him as an interpreter, paying him up to $1,500 a month — 20 times the salary of a local police officer, according to a profile of him in The New Yorker. By his late 20s, he owned a trucking company that supplied U.S. military bases, earning him more than $160 million.

Source: The War on Terror Was Corrupt From the Start | Portside