Victor Serge: Indispensable Critic of Leftist Illusion 

Wary of endorsing Serge as a whole and even taking exception to the quote below, he nonetheless suggests the need to reconstruct a new kind of left. I don’t think the revolution/reformism debate has concluded but the sterile marxist version of revolution is done for: our ‘democratic market neo-communism answers to most of Serg’s objections including our attempt in distinguishing the universal and working class to create a larger humanist socialism…

But what kind of socialism? It would be a socialism that defended democracy, “not just for the benefit of the proletariat alone, but for the benefit of all workers and even nations. In this sense, the proletarian revolution is no longer in my eyes our end. The revolution we plan to serve can only be socialist in the humanist meaning of the word, and more exactly socialist leaning, [and] carried out democratically, in a libertarian fashion.”

Source: Victor Serge: Indispensable Critic of Leftist Illusion | by Mitchell Abidor | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books