Going Vegan?

You Can’t Save the Climate by Going Vegan,” a leading climate scientist proclaimed in a USA Today op-ed. “I Work in the Environmental Movement. I Don’t Care If You Recycle,” a climate activist declared in Vox. A Daily Beast columnist explained “Why Your Carbon Footprint Is Meaningless,” while a Guardian writer claimed “Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals.” The new thinking might have been best summed up by a recent headline in the eco-media site Grist: “This professor wants you to give up your climate guilt.”

Source: What Covid Is Exposing About the Climate Movement – POLITICO

A vegan left can change resistance…?//Socialize Lab Meat

The issue of vegan, or even just plain vegetarian diet, has been ignored on the left, by and large: a vegan or dietary left socialism hardly exists but could help, just as years of socialist public rumination started a socialist comeback, and an ecosocialism of ‘born again left vegans’ needs to be spearhead for ‘dinner served feeding trough’ veggie burgers for meat-maniacal ravenous ‘comrades’.
The new veggie burger revolution such as with the Beyond Burger is a positive development, and there will soon be no excuse for meat eating.

Meat is killing the planet, but Americans are unlikely to give it up. Lab meat could be our best hope of winning tens of millions of American meat eaters over to a Green New Deal — if that lab meat can be socialized.

Source: Socialize Lab Meat

 Time for a vegan socialism?…

The arrival of ‘fake meat’ that can rival real meat in taste is a seminal one: there is hardly an excuse any more for meat guzzling or big mac mania.

It could help improve public health and reduce climate change. But questions remain about the highly processed food—and some producers’ coziness with the “real meat” industry. Sou…

Source: Calling all cars: coming of the Vegan Commie burgers… – Darwiniana