Pandemic, science, vaccination, Darwinism and the right: are scientists hopeless idiots or what? From suspicion of Darwinism to suspicions of scientists to suspicions of vaccines…

The current pandemic in the US is a puzzle in the sphere of vaccination. Tens of millions refuse vaccination in what is seen as irrationalism. So it is, but consider the issue of evolution. The theory of natural selection in Darwinism has been critiqued over and over, hundreds of times, and yet the paradigm remains in place with a factor of domination that remains very authoritarian. The puzzle is the sheer stupidity of the theory of natural selection taken statistically. But even statisticians are silent here.
Thus for over two generations, the entire (nearly so) scientific community has been in lockstep (and lockjaw) on a pseudoscientific form of idiocy on evolution.
In that vacuum, the religious right has been handed a golden opportunity, and for over two generations exploited this strange befuddlement of science to their own advantage, but in the process actually attempting to stick with the science keeping creationism in the background and attempting to actually make sense on the subject of evolution. The result was on the one hand the confusing ‘intelligent design’ movement and paradigm, but beside that a considerable and cogent set of critiques of Darwinism, scientism, and the selectionist confusion. In the process they have relentlessly promoted the appearance of religion outplaying and correctly critiquing science. The issue of intelligent design is indeed controversial but one can simply ignore that aspect and take note of the many useful citations of real science, with some suggestions on the issue of evolution. The question of design is a lost cause: design is pervasive in nature and the attempt to claim that natural selection accounts for design by the cadre of superidiots like Dawkins has been a waste of breath. Nature shows design at all levels and the issue is hardly one of theology. The question of ‘intelligent’ design is about the same, but somewhat tricky: we have no scientific way of discussing the issue of intelligence in nature. Nature seems intelligent, but that is a useful metaphor unless someone can resolve the ambiguity with some kind of evidence, of which there is none directly. But the point is that design as such is a naturalistic issue pointing to a science we don’t that we don’t have yet. Theology, what to say. A pagan’s view of nature is hardly on the agenda of the religious right.

Let us note then that for over two generations the religious public on the right has been given better information on Darwinism, if not evolution, than what scientists have provided to the secular public. Smal wonder then that many conservatives are wary of scientific claims. They have been shown directly the idiocy and/or mendaciousness of scientists and …
well, …and just might be suspicious of claims for vaccination.
A disgraceful failure of science. Scientists, or else outsiders, such as here, need without delay to take down the Darwinian pseudo-science, really a form of propaganda.

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