Watching US With Horror, European Groups Push Leaders to Strengthen Abortion Rights

Appalled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade and concerned about the dark money-fueled global assault on abortion rights, advocacy groups from 28 European countries demanded Tuesday that their leaders take immediate steps to shield and strengthen access to reproductive care throughout the continent.

Source: Watching US With Horror, European Groups Push Leaders to Strengthen Abortion Rights

 A trio of gangster states at the onset of ecological collapse…

The sphere of global powers is a disgusting spectacle of human failure at a critical stage. There is no power that can lead humanity at a critical juncture and the status of China is rivalled by Russia as pathological cases. The US escapes only by comparison as a failing rogue state.
How on earth is humanity going to survive with such disgusting leaders, the figure of the gangster psychopath Putin perhaps first prize for a remarkable blend of psychopathy, low intelligence, all around hopeless idiocy and sadistic genocide.

The United States is nosediving and the whole idea of the status of globalization is almost a sick joke.
China, Russia, and the US are all guilty of crimes against humanity…

Is is EASY to suggest a better way, but of course the monomaniacs currently in power are beyond redemption.

The Last Revolution outlines a sane, practical path to our model(s) of ‘democratic market neo-communism’: a means to resolve the question of capitalism and its planetary destruction, to resolve the issue of democracy as a postcapitalism based on a Commons. A new kind of economy with both markets and planning, all in a mix that is easily adapted from a liberal economy, totally different from Marxism/Bolshevism. This is a system that could triumph via popularity, achieve ecological sanity, and make economic madness a thing of the past. It could also serve as a disaster vehicle for the coming calamity of ecological collapse, degrowth, and postcapitalist ad terminus. It could replace imperialism with a new International and genuinely effective construct of a global Commons.

The idea of Pentagon morons, with the equivalents in China and Russia, computing their global domination rackets at this late date is almost unnerving. These politicians cannot grasp their nullity.

Source: The End of Laissez-Faire: Russia’s Attempt at Reshaping the World Economy –

US, Russia, symmetric semi-opposites? the eonic model…//?

The beserker Putin could destroy Russia forever??? It is hard to see anything but a third rate has been nation as Russia beyond Putin…

Years ago in college I recall a book by Michael Polanyi (brother of Karl?…)called Personal Knowledge…It is a reminder that in dealing with the eonic effect as objective knowledge of the data of world history one is consigned by book logistics to a version of personal knowledge: you must study world history in a balanced way over five thousand years plus and the result will be the slow crystalization of an ‘image’ so to speak of world history, like a photo emerging in fixer…However, the ‘non-random pattern’ called the eonic effect with a threshold minimum of data actually does emerge as objective knowledge. Whatever the case it is interesting to consider the US and Russia in this context. It is better to speak as an aside and/or be wary of confusing a personal take on the eonic effect with its objective status as a ‘planetary object/subject’. Still, looking at Russia and the data of the modern transition we can see that it completely missed that transition, and has almost no real status in the eonic series, except of course as a diffusion zone of that transformation. The US is similar but lucky: it also missed the eonic effect, but was so siamesed with England (et al) that it becomes a prime diffusion field, and until just at the end it becomes a field for an experiment, democracy. Russians should take note and try and study the clear retardation of their history while the Americans should note the same in a different way: the latent danger of barbarism that spoiled their experiment with genocide, etc, etc…. We should note in passing that India and China are clear successors to the ancient eonic effects, and are in a different condition.
Russia embraced communism almost as an unconscious effort to repair the deficit of history. But Marxism was not a substitute for that and is really a shallow cultural project focused on economics only.
But aren’t the cultures in the eonic sequence almost as bad? The modern transition is not a nationalistic outcome, but a field of innovations able to diffuse. There is no implication of cultural superiority as such. A tricky question…Is my ‘personal knowledge’ of the eonic effect flawed?
Are such judgments valid? We are on shaky terrain. Actually, it would seem that an immense evolutionary creative energy of the modern transition rapidly diffused via globalization, leaving the source areas in a strange condition???? Hard to analyze, but it is clear immediately what some of the problems are. Russia needs a new revolution, that is a new kind of revolution: a self-created modern transition. Our DMNC model suggests a way to do that because it is based on a comprehensive and balanced cultural project…And here a balanced reformism could thrive as a futuristic movement….But it needs a focussed platform, and that could be hard to initiate or define. The Christian Orthodox Church is a horrendous legacy, no Reformation there….!
As for the US, it is preening its feathers now as it challenges Russia, with some justification, but the US is pretty far gone behind it impressive exterior, its history, its sudden swing into great evils, destruction by covert agencies and imperialism, …capitalism. We should stop the analysis here, having made a basic point. Our model may be inadequate to this kind of judgmentalism, so we can tear up our notes and start again later, but in a murky sort of way we can see the problems and strange reverse symmetry of the two fringe zones, US and Russia.

Source: How to read Dostoevsky and Tolstoy during Russia’s war against Ukraine: scholar –

Source: How to read Dostoevsky and Tolstoy during Russia’s war against Ukraine: scholar  – 1848+: The End(s) of History