The US and Israel have voided their right to exist: they deserve revolutionary change and judgment….

The reality of the US and Israel history since WWII belie all the false taken as expectation.
The seeded fascism of Trump and his fascist cult is a sick joke but hardly match the mainstream reality which
must be matched with a realization that the core
government is already a criminal faux democracy guilty of war crimes, global anti-democracy,
capitalist imperialism, genocide, etc, …
The liberal elites in government, media, are complete dummies with dog muzzles and cannot utter a beep here about the reality.

The US may be too far gone for revolutionary restoration, but we can at least stand back and consider that reformism would be
a lost cause as the last option, if it is that, is revolutionary change of government, a republic if you can keep…
I fear we have the Founding Fathers on our side here, n’est-ce pas?

The criminal gangster states US/Israel make Hamas look like boy scouts: they false flagged 9/11 to excuse invasion, war and genocide in the middle east, killing millions…

Omar is brave to broach this issue, but the reality is far worse than even she can know, and her stance against the critics is government makes a mockery of their subjection to the Zionist mafia…

Americans want their country back…
And no, you can’t denounce this as conspiracy theory, a term invented to hide war crimes.

U.S. Imperialists Deprive Cuba of Syringes That Are Needed Now 

Cuba, the first Latin America country to develop its own COVID-19 vaccines, presently is short of syringes for immunizing its population against the virus. It’s not feasible for Cuba to make its own syringes. The U.S. blockade prevents Cuba from importing them from abroad. Syringes are lacking all over. The New York Times estimates an More

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No Time to Relax: Dark Clouds in Biden’s America –

The sense of relief that came over many Americans after the malignant pandemo-fascist Donald Trump’s removal from power seems increasingly misplaced. The feeling of relaxation is understandable. The pandemic is in significant retreat inside the U.S. as summer dawns, thanks in part to the Biden administration’s vaccination efforts. The improved U.S. health outlook combined with Biden and the Congressional Democrats’ large opening stimulus package to spark some modest economic recovery and hiring expansion. Significantly vaccinated fans, shoppers, diners, vacationers, drinkers, entertainment seekers, and gamblers have returned to American major league baseball, basketball, and hockey games, beaches, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, movie theaters, concerts, and shopping malls. More

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