For President Donald Trump to withdraw support of the WHO at a critical time in the world’s history, when a pandemic of enormous proportions is threatening the survival of millions of people, is unethical. As Physicians for Human Rights has stated, “President Trump is putting lives at risk in what may be an attempt to deflect attention from his own administration’s failures in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Source: Donald Trump’s Misguided Attacks on WHO –

Greta Thonburg at UN

Here is Greta Thonburg speaking at UN. It is more than worth listening to.Note how the very same delegates that she rips into applaud her condemnation of them. Clearly, the capitalist politicians want to seduce her into becoming “realistic”, but I find it difficult to see how they will succeed. For one, this is not a matter of political or social analysis; it’s a matter of scientific fact, and she clearly knows the facts, and the facts are simply too stark. Nature will not allow room for some to benefit in this disaster. This means that a new and radical youth movement is coming.

Source: [Marxism] Greta Thonburg at UN