DMNC to a new International/UN

Our discussions of DNMC are incomplete: the model attempts the limited yet essential task of producing a viable socialist economy in the total failures to do that so far. But the needed task is far larger: creating a new International that can arise from a transformed US that can provide a model of democracy/authority beyond capitalism, one that can create a new world order as discussed in this article. The question of China is hedged by 1. its failure as a ‘real communism’ and 2. its inexorable destruction by climate change.

Source: To Govern the Globe: Washington’s World Order and Catastrophic Climate Change –

How Neoliberalism Hijacked Human Rights

Two seemingly unrelated events took place in 1947. It was the year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted. It was also the year in which the Mont Pelerin Society, a grouping whose founding members included pioneering theorists of neoliberalism Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, was founded.In The Morals of the Market: Human Rights and the Rise of Neoliberalism, political philosopher Jessica Whyte investigates the historical and conceptual relationship between human rights and neoliberalism. In response to the horrors of the World War II, delegates to the United Nations came together to formulate a list of universal rights. Concurrently, an effort spearheaded by Friedrich Hayek was underway to revive international liberalism, purportedly motivated by similar concerns for the imperiled state of human dignity and liberty.

Source: How Neoliberalism Hijacked Human Rights