‘Shameful’: UK Approves ‘Emergency’ Use of Banned Bee-Killing Pesticide

Biodiversity defenders have sounded the alarm about the United Kingdom government’s Monday decision to provide another so-called “emergency” exception for the use of an outlawed neonicotinoid pesticide lethal to bees.

Source: ‘Shameful’: UK Approves ‘Emergency’ Use of Banned Bee-Killing Pesticide

Luring Doctors from Poorer Countries is the UK’s Quiet Scandal 

The looting of artistic and religious objects from Africa and Asia by British invaders in the 19th century causes much rancorous debate about whether the artefacts should be returned to the countries they were originally stolen from. But discussion is much more muted about equally acquisitive expeditions launched by Britain today that may ultimately cause more suffering than those imperialist ventures long ago.

Source: Luring Doctors from Poorer Countries is the UK’s Quiet Scandal – CounterPunch.org

The Great British Privatization Heist

The UK is going through an energy crisis, with rising prices forcing people to use candles for lighting and unable to turn on their electric cookers when preparing meals. There are calls for a windfall tax on soaring energy company profits, which the Tory government has refused to implement. Predictably, the CEO of National Grid warned that such a tax would “harm reinvestment”.

Source: The Great British Privatization Heist, Some Notes – CounterPunch.org