Capitalism’s Political Servants: Trump and Johnson 

For the last half-century, US and UK capitalisms led the way in undoing the parallel legacies of the New Deal and Europe’s social democracies. From its ascending Thatcher-Reagan couple to its descending Trump-Johnson imitation, neoliberal capitalism replaced Keynesian capitalism. Private corporate capitalists funded effective campaigns to celebrate neo-liberalism. The US and UK institutionalized it by de-regulating and privatizing further and faster than anywhere else More

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An Excellent Study Of The Manufactured Labour “Antisemitism Crisis” 

The zionist/israeli world is in trouble: their criminality (often in league with the US) drives them to ‘reverse charges’ with the new brands of manufactured bogus antisemitism. Various groups in the US and the UK are vulnerable to such empty charges of antisemitism, but only in the field of public opinion controlled by the hidden jewish lobbies, etc…etc…
Outsiders don’t have to submit to this and should try to relieve politicians from their captivity by a jewish chauvinism that tokens in the end the collapse the judaic legacies, next to, one should note, the parallel collapse of the xtian version…

The crux of Labour’s antisemitism controversy is the bruhaha over its grudging acceptance of the flawed International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of “antisemitism”. The media’s coverage of this controversy was framed by 2 assumptions: that under Corbyn antisemitism in Labour had become “institutionalized”, and that Corbyn and his associates had failed to counter this.

Source: An Excellent Study Of The Manufactured Labour “Antisemitism Crisis” –

Mice have free run of parliament?

Brexit or not (and there is a left case for it) the UK is at a turning point: it might be time for a new UK on the left and a new international that the UK can manifest as a post-imperial postcapitalist transition state: the EU connection may be doomed by the neoliberal cast of that failure, as evidenced by the case of greece, notably…and the UK…

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