R48G: The Sane Revolution….?//The Sane Society?  

Our model in some ways resembles Fromm’s vision but now we confront the grim realization of the revolutionary path needed to transition to postcapitalism, and its prospects seem at first hopeless. In fact, it would seem rather the case that the revolution is coming willy-nilly as possible system collapse as we watch the lunatics of government paralyzed, corrupt, capitalist stooges. The revolution can take a saner form as explicit revolutionary action rising to meet the ‘revolution’. Unfortunately the Marxist monopoly of thought without action is partly in the way. We propose our Red Forty-eight Group as an umbrella concept or algebra of movements: start to think immediately of the path through the chaos coming and the fascist devolution of capitalist controlled pseudo-government in place. In fact, we done just that: let X be the Red Forty-eight Group, a social-democratic construct! We have moved from Fromm’s fantasy to a realizable post-Marxist version of a realizable and efficient economy beyond private property and capital, with a constitutional format whose first stage is a transitional first version as our ‘democratic market neo-communism’. Continue reading “R48G: The Sane Revolution….?//The Sane Society?  “