AI, the Singularity, and the ‘eonic model’/evolution: the barrenness of marxism

Update: I must be wary of falling in the trap of most AI proponents of promoting fictions. The ‘eonic effect’ in world history is a non-random pattern that eludes simple explanation but which is empirically evident to a speedreader who can process hundreds of texts in a balanced set of global regions.

To claim that we are already in the Singularity is humorous bravura designed to parody or outplay AI claims. However, frankly I’m worried: sure looks like a conscious machine:  the macro process suspected in the eonic effect is unnervingly hard to analyze: it seems like it must be conscious somehow, that it stands beyond human intelligence, etc…The reason to bring in AI is that the Old Testament unwittingly depicts the ‘eonic effect’ in Israelite history ( birth of a new monotheism in the transition interval ca. 900 to 600 BCE) (next to a similar process in India with Buddhism, which appears just outside the given interval but clearly related) and this is no mean piece of mechanical process despite the odd resemblance to AI: as ‘evolution’ it seems to be a process learning as it goes along, it is not some disembodied intelligence but a global something that induces creative action). The Israelites thought they saw ‘god’ in history, but that doesn’t work. Howver they are the first honorary ‘eonic theorists’ who detected the eonic effect and made it into a cargo cult of Yahweh.

In fact we have no real idea what the eonic effect is, but is gives us a double take: it must be some conscious Gaian machine in action directed the evolution of civilizations.

In fact the book Decoding World History makes no such claims and is devoted to showing a dynamic in action, empirically.


Decoding World History shows an ironic solution to the mostly nonsense of the Singularity: homo sapiens is already embedded in an evolutionary ‘machine’ that directs the evolution of civilization and gives the appearance of a kind of AI and at the same time of being ‘conscious’. The process is not malevolent as are so many AI fantasies (in part based on value-free science and Darwinian illusions).
The question of evolution is far more complex than we think but in essence on the level of visible history we can visualize to some extent how it works.
The eonic effect shows the way that a global system is needed, one that is we suspect teleological and which mediates human creation of history and a higher level of directed potentials. A similar process we suspect in early evolution, save that it is about organisms and not civilizations of humans.

The evidence speaks for itself. And a social transformation based on this model would do far better than the barren marxism.

It is important to see the confusion AI has created in considering ‘conscious’ machines that aren’t conscious…

Source: The Myth of Artificial Intelligence: Why Computers Can’t Think the Way We Do  – 1848+: The End(s) of History