Evolution, materialism, and a hidden cosmological factor…

Although we have critiqued ‘historical materialism’ the reason is not as such because it is materialistic. One of the ironies of the history of thought is that one of the best ‘materialistic’ framework was produced by ‘new age’ type thinkers who dispensed with the spiritual/material distinction for a universal materialism that is highly effective as a model in which to recast ‘spiritual’ concepts. The ultimate source for this is the world of ancient yoga with its Samkhya yoga, which is based on a first known version of such a materialistic foundation. There is a complication to any such model, just as there is for any spiritual model.
The result then is that the ‘spiritual’ realm is a form of higher materialism, whose character is so far very little known to us.
We have of course cited the thinker J.G. Bennett here whose model creates three aspects of levels of material universe: the hyponomic, autonomic and hypernomic. And we slowly begin to realize why evolutionary theories are so confusing and so often invaded by crypto-spiritual design argument: evolution is more than a hyponomic subject (physics and chemitry): it impinges, obviously, on the ‘life realm’, autonomic, but also the hypernomic. It is the latter factor that is key, yet we know almost nothing about it, as yet…

Source: Life, evolution and the clue of consciousness – Darwiniana

 Socialism: the danger of mechanized culture

The left is stuck in a very narrow world view that can’t even do justice to modernity. But  its marxist entanglement with hegel suggests a broader view, but that angle has failed to be helpful.

The legacy of monotheism is passing away, but the question remains, what was all that, speaking historically? there is an ironic continuation to those traditions: attempting to understand their history…In any case the coming of socialism needs careful thought as to a public spectrum of belief, and ideology. The resolution of nineteenth century marxist scientism isn’t enough….

Samkhya for commies, and throw in triadic dialectic and the doctrine of the Trinity,…crazy, right? in the words of Patton, nuts…

We have often indulged various new age discussions with respect to evolution, consciousness, and the enigma of the will, often via the work of J.G. Bennett, who was a british follower of gurdjieff and ouspensky, who wrote a classic text, The Dramatic Universe, a flawed but seminal work whose basic slant could be easily appropriated by a secular perspective (Bennett has a closet awareness of communism/1848 stuff), what to say of a leftist one, Continue reading ” Socialism: the danger of mechanized culture”