A trio of gangster states at the onset of ecological collapse…

The sphere of global powers is a disgusting spectacle of human failure at a critical stage. There is no power that can lead humanity at a critical juncture and the status of China is rivalled by Russia as pathological cases. The US escapes only by comparison as a failing rogue state.
How on earth is humanity going to survive with such disgusting leaders, the figure of the gangster psychopath Putin perhaps first prize for a remarkable blend of psychopathy, low intelligence, all around hopeless idiocy and sadistic genocide.

The United States is nosediving and the whole idea of the status of globalization is almost a sick joke.
China, Russia, and the US are all guilty of crimes against humanity…

Is is EASY to suggest a better way, but of course the monomaniacs currently in power are beyond redemption.

The Last Revolution outlines a sane, practical path to our model(s) of ‘democratic market neo-communism’: a means to resolve the question of capitalism and its planetary destruction, to resolve the issue of democracy as a postcapitalism based on a Commons. A new kind of economy with both markets and planning, all in a mix that is easily adapted from a liberal economy, totally different from Marxism/Bolshevism. This is a system that could triumph via popularity, achieve ecological sanity, and make economic madness a thing of the past. It could also serve as a disaster vehicle for the coming calamity of ecological collapse, degrowth, and postcapitalist ad terminus. It could replace imperialism with a new International and genuinely effective construct of a global Commons.

The idea of Pentagon morons, with the equivalents in China and Russia, computing their global domination rackets at this late date is almost unnerving. These politicians cannot grasp their nullity.

Source: The End of Laissez-Faire: Russia’s Attempt at Reshaping the World Economy – CounterPunch.org