This passage from a Russian dissident reads as a haunting warning for the United States in 2020 

When President Donald Trump was asked about new reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently had opposition leader Aleksei Navalny poisoned, he predictably refused to condemn the Kremlin and cast doubt on the evidence. “We haven’t had any proof yet, but I will take a look,” Trump said, s

Source: This passage from a Russian dissident reads as a haunting warning for the United States in 2020 –

 Revolutions in action

This is an invaluable essay, yet one we should critique, because it actually attempts, after a fashion, to consider the actual process of social construction in the wake of ‘revolution’. As we see the whole subject suddenly stumbles into complexities of all kinds. Let us note to start in passing that ‘class struggle’ is not the motor of history. We always caution about statements about historical dynamics. Marxism got it wrong, along with most other attempts. This needs more discussion elsewhere.
The motor of history can only be approximated: our methods of the eonic model suggests a better approach…The macro transitions there are ‘revolutions’ after a fashion, but far more complex…
But we might reiterate our warning Continue reading ” Revolutions in action”

Trump is a nut job, but Putin is a degenerate psychopath…the russian curse…

The liberal idea has become obsolete: Vladimir Putin

Interview with The Financial Times

On the eve of the G20 summit, Vladimir Putin spoke with The Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber and Moscow Bureau Chief Henry Foy.

It is hard to make out the details but we can see, or suspect, that Trump is caught up in a larger global conspiracy to undermine democracy. Putin’s statement that liberalism is obsolete is a part of that trend. Let me say I could make a better claim here than the disgusting Putin as to the limits of liberalism: we have tried to suggest that democracy has not truly ever arisen and that a real socialist democracy is needed to actually found the idea. We can thus critique the liberal realm but the degenerate kleptocracy and nauseating aftermath of bolshevism in degenerates like Putin is hardly the future, old Dugin, that igor to frankenstien, notwithstanding…
Russia never seems to get lucky: it is a key member of the modern system yet missed most of the modern transition, democracy, moved desperately into bolshevism making an even greater mess, and now is beset with the grotesque aftermath of that, preying on the world system with svengali aspirations to a postliberal postmodern postcivilization form of near barbarism. How resolve the russian riddle. In the nonce, the Putins would resolve the american riddle with injections of Trump formations.
The conspiracy is pursued further at The Gurdjieff Con and there is a hidden anti-democratic spiritual fascism stalking the world’s democracies…