DMNC model as a tool to set reference points

Our model of democratic market neo-communism aspires to a genuine realization in real-time but at the same time or short of that it is very useful as an independent standard: in the debates over China and/or the US a kind of partisan propaganda effect emerges on both sides. And the US might well expose the hypocrisy and malevolent hypocrisy of the Chinese global surge, but to play one off against the other doesn’t work: here the modeling tool we call DMNC is useful to break through the duality of equally flawed opposites. Almost all political systems can be measured against the implicit reference points in the model: democracy/authority, a Commons, the status of property, markets to socialist markets (next to the different market socialism), etc… The diatribe against China is convincing but we have no real alternative in the US despite the emerging challenge on the score of democracy.
This book is useful but might induce as per the genre a failure to see the false duality: there is no global leader anymore, and none can bear up to a real standard, granting that both sides could care less about their ‘ideals’… Our DMNC model can mediate two opposing failures, granting that the US et al. do hold up a standard of rights and liberties, where China is aggressively against freedom as democracy, human rights, etc…

Source: Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World – Kindle edition  – 1848+: The End(s) of History