What Sanders’ Political Revolution Looks Like in Real Life 

In May, an Illinois man emailed info@berniesanders.com with a plea: Graduate students at the University of Chicago were going on strike, and he wanted Bernie Sanders’ presidential team to help. “I’ve been super inspired by seeing the Bernie campaign support similar actions,” he said. 

Source: What Sanders’ Political Revolution Looks Like in Real Life | Portside

Neither side to the debate seems to have a vision of or plan for the future…Like escapees from a chain gang, both sides are ‘interconnected’…

The debate here is really over reformism/revolution, but neither side can really turn the tide or offer any real resolution of the dilemma. It has been that way since the nineteenth century and the era of Bernstein.

In the mean time it is useful to both continue the debate and yet for both sides to be mindful they cannot control the future here: two potentials are better than one and generate the needed thought at a time when revolution is seeding itself, next to a reformist trend seeding itself, and a murky future where the prospect of revolutionary is seemingly beyond conceiving. The future has surprised the left before, and the real question is whether either side could manage a socialist revolution if it landed on their head. Like escapees from a chain gang, both sides are ‘interconnected’…

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 The failures of social democracy…and leninism…

Source: The Democratic Socialist Cul-de-sac: A Critical Look at The Socialist Manifesto – COSMONAUT

Source: The Democratic Socialist Cul-de-sac: A Critical Look at The Socialist Manifesto 

This is an engaging critique of the reformist path and it is important, essential, for leftists to try to present the basics of revolutionary transformation, but the problem seems to be that while reformism can be critiqued for its failure the revolutionary framework is equally open to such criticism: if the leninist path itself failed just what is being pointed to as an exemplar for the left? The whole dilemma needs to be reexamined and those who preach the revolution sermon need to recast their thinking without citing russian revolution, a record of confusion, failure and finally stalinism.

 Revolution, reform…false dualities

The dilemma here is false if the real issue with the classic revolutionary wing is that it has no real platform beyond regurgitated marxism and leninism. The revolutionaries are so focused on the great moment of seizing power that they have forgotten to state what kind of society should come next and how it will evade stalinism.
A completely revamped framework and strategy might be far more appropriate at a time of terminal crisis. The revolutionary left is stuck in leninist confusion and can’t rethink its position. The ups and downs of ‘competing’ reformist and revolutionary sectors is illusory. At the very least reformists need the revolutionary idea in order to think holistically about a new kind of society.
The entire planet is at risk and the chances of reformist measures dealing with the issues seems a vanishing percentage, perhaps the same is true of the revolutionary angle. But it is false perhaps to polarize these two extremes: we need a revolutionary reformism and a reformist revolution, next to a project that can move along reformist lines toward a revolutionary transformation. Part of the problem is that the revolutionary brand is stale leninism, feckless marxism, in the context of an undefined platform.
If the revolutionary and reformist wings could reinvent the left in the sense of saying what kind of society they envision, the false dualism might moderate and the public could respond.

Right now, democratic socialism is on the rise in American society. Revolutionary socialists who have kept the torch of socialism burning during the lean years will now have to merge with democratic-socialist demands of the current moment.

Source: Revolutionary Socialists in the Democratic-Socialist Moment