A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says 

I have wondered about this kind of question with respect to (the book) The Last Revolution, and this finding surprised even me. The book is a spectrum of perspectives, but has a foundational viewpoint as ‘virtual revolution’. Taking up arms against the government is no laughing matter and without careful thinking is not going to succeed. And the relative percentage on the right shows that the most dangerous aspect is the rising fascism aiming at regime change.
The American public is closer to revolt than ever, yet here the moderate to far left is complacently thinking poorly about the question, the same for democracy. The Last Revolution can thus be a modeling tool, one that can confront the right’s spastic case, of hopeless idiots.

The US needs an upgrade to its ‘democracy’ and the only way to do that is from the left with a realization that ‘democracy’ in the American case has always been anemic and virtually canceled by capitalist domination. A form of neo-democracy as ‘democratic socialism’ done right without Marxist muddle could actually make its case to the public and the percentages above are closer to potential realization than I thought.

More than one quarter of US residents feel so estranged from their government that they feel it might “soon be necessary to take up arms” against it, a poll released on Thursday claimed.This survey of 1,000 registered US voters, published by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP), also revealed that most Americans agree the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me”.

Source: A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says | Biden administration | The Guardian

Mass Protest Is Rising — Can It Confront Global Capitalism?

he world has entered an epoch of escalating class struggle and mass popular protest as the global economy teeters on the verge of recession and international tensions reach the boiling point in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Revolt took off around the globe in the aftermath of the 2008 world financial collapse that put an end to two decades of the “globalization boom.” Popular insurgencies have since escalated on the heels of the pandemic and, although particular movements may rise and fall, there is no letup in sight. The first four months of 2022 saw mass labor strikes and unionization drives breaking out in industries and countries around the world.

Source: Mass Protest Is Rising — Can It Confront Global Capitalism?

The Revolt of the College-Educated Working Class  

Over the past decade and a half, many young, college-educated workers have faced a disturbing reality: that it was harder for them to reach the middle class than for previous generations. The change has had profound effects — driving shifts in the country’s politics and mobilizing employees to demand fairer treatment at work. It may also be giving the labor movement its biggest lift in decades.

Source: The Revolt of the College-Educated Working Class | Portside