‘Democracy itself will be on trial’: Kentucky historians sound the alarm over GOP’s ‘frightening’ plans  

In an op-ed published by The Courier-Journal, Brian Clardy, a Murray State University history professor, and John Hennen, a history professor emeritus at Morehead State University, sounded the alarm on the Republican Party’s long-term plan for the United States. According to Clardy and Hennen, the GOP is preparing to lead the United States down a path “straight toward white supremacy and authoritarianism.”

Source: ‘Democracy itself will be on trial’: Kentucky historians sound the alarm over GOP’s ‘frightening’ plans – Alternet.org

Noam Chomsky Interview: The Path to a Livable Future 

Noam Chomsky: The initiators of the Paris Agreement intended to have a binding treaty, not voluntary agreements, but there was an impediment. It’s called the Republican Party. It was clear that the Republican Party would never accept any binding commitments. The Republican organization, which has lost any pretense of being a normal political party, is almost solely dedicated to the welfare of the super-rich and the corporate sector, and cares absolutely nothing about the population or the future of the world. The Republican organization would never have accepted a treaty. In response, the organizers reduced their goal to a voluntary agreement, which has all the difficulties that you mentioned.We’ve lost six years,

Source: Noam Chomsky Interview: The Path to a Livable Future | Portside

None Dare Call It “Fascism.” Why Not?

While Republicans routinely call Democrats “Marxists,” it’s been taboo for Democrats and the American mainstream media to brand Trump and his followers “fascists.”Why is that?The F-word is widely considered over-the-top name-calling, too redolent of Hitler, and risks triggering white-right Twitter trolls or even vigilantism . . . as Democrats instead usually confine their critique of the right to more academic words like authoritarian and stick to their preference for policy over polemics.

Source: None Dare Call It “Fascism.” Why Not? | Portside

Republican FreeDumb is Killing Us 

There’s no nice way to put it. Hundreds of Montanans are now getting sick and dying thanks to the anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vax messages propagated by the insane rhetoric of Republican politicians under the false rubric of “personal responsibility” and “freedom.” But as the costs to society continue to rise exponentially while the more lethal, more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 runs rampant, we should call it just what it is — FreeDumb — and it’s killing us.

Source: Republican FreeDumb is Killing Us – CounterPunch.org