A just-so story about the origin of religious beliefs 

Given the evidence of the eonic effect (with its subsection on the Axial Age) we can see that even religions show a relationship to some mysterious source, invoking somewhat cautiously the idea of finetuning…The latter idea won’t convince at first…
we don’t need the idea of fine-tuning as such: it merely creates one possible connection with physics.
Study the idea of the ‘eonic evolution’ of civilization. Then look at the eonic effect with respect to emergent religions…The darwinian theory of evolution is completely hopeless here…

Source: A just-so story about the origin of religious beliefs – Uncommon Descent

 Confusions of terms ‘secular’, ‘religion’, and ‘spiritual;…

These discussions confuse religion, spirituality, occult ism and supernaturalism. The advance of science has been confused by reductionist science and wrong definitions of ‘secularism’. A secular field embraces at its best a huge totality, one far more conducive in principle to ‘spirituality’ than ‘religion’ (i.e, here monotheism).
Spirituality has vastly increased in a secular field. Even as traditional religions fade away

Social scientists predicted that belief in the supernatural would drift away as modern science advanced. They were wrong. Source: Why Religion Is Not Going Away and Science Will Not Destroy It

Source: Why Religion Is Not Going Away and Science Will Not Destroy It – The Gurdjieff Con

Religions, axial ages, and reformations

Stream and sequence: religions, axial ages, and reformations March 30th, 2015

Our analysis of world history in WHEE doesn’t honor ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ distinctions. It has another more useful distinction of ‘stream’ and ‘sequence’: the Axial Age produces two monotheistic ‘sequence’ transitional areas, archaic Israel, and the hard to understand Zoroastrianism of Persia. We only see the Israelite succession in the West, but the Persian blending with Israelitism at the conclusion of the Continue reading “Religions, axial ages, and reformations”

 Socialism can’t become a Dawkins cult

Marxism was one of the first versions of secular humanism and remains a classic in its own right, but at this point it is likely to get kidnapped by the social darwinist ideology of the new atheists, darwinian fundamentalists and the proponents of reductionist scientism.
In reality the path to socialism don’t require any opinion or new dogmas on such subjects, although it might be nice is socialist could show some intelligence in the realm of philosophical history, and some sense of the illusions of darwinism. The socialist left however has no real business legislating atheism even if a critique of religions is or is not relevant.
But a shallow secular humanism or the new atheism are likely fatal to a socialist future which must do such questions with considerable dialectical subtety, or not at all if too busy moving along the vein of socialist transformation.

Source: Challenging religion…then secular humanist darwinism…le plus ca change//Gregory Paul on the rise of nonbelief in the U.S.: it’s happening faster than you think « Why Evolution Is True – Darwiniana