The Supreme Court’s Faux ‘Originalism’ 

“Originalism has been the reigning constitutional theory of legal conservatives since the election of Ronald Reagan,” a contributor to the National Review wrote recently, with glowing approval. The theory, which views jurisprudence as frozen in time, flatly rejects the idea of the Constitution as a a living and evolving document and instead demands that we interpret its provisions exactly as the framers intended.

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Ed Asner Was a Proud Socialist in Hollywood | Portside

Legendary actor Ed Asner died on August 29 at the age of ninety-one, and I am grateful to have spent last Saturday with him before he passed. Ed had a star on the fabled Hollywood Walk of Fame, won five Golden Globes, and had more Primetime Emmy Awards than any other male actor in TV history. Yet the costar of the beloved Mary Tyler Moore Show played his greatest role off-screen and offstage, courageously challenging the Reagan regime’s blood-drenched Central America policy.

Source: Ed Asner Was a Proud Socialist in Hollywood | Portside


The last time that the pay of the rich— corporate profits and gains on speculative wealth, failed to rise for a few months in a row, a revolution ensued. The revolutionary method, now called neoliberalism, was well under way by the time that Ronald Reagan was elected to the presidency in 1980. It emanated from economic and political power— the establishment, and it relied on discrediting the central institutions of the New Deal, including the very idea of a public purpose, to impose a tyranny of capital. To date, the sentiment that this power has shifted goals, rather than tactics, is belied by the provisional nature of recent reforms.

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