Infrastructure Wars

The worst has not happened yet. Russian military strategy has so far proved shambolic since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Reports that the Russians have started systematically degrading Ukrainian infrastructure using cheap drones and missiles may turn out to be premature. Presumably, Putin is aware that Ukraine would probably hit back at Russian infrastructure using similar methods, and this might give him pause.

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 The Russian dream fades away: the monumental stupidity of Putin and his geopolitical fantasy…

We reposted a short essay on Russia, the modern transition, and Russian retardation with respect to the era change beginning in the early modern. The eonic model, whatever the reservations of some readers and historians faithfully reflects the plight of Russia which missed most of the effects of the modern transition. Continue reading ” The Russian dream fades away: the monumental stupidity of Putin and his geopolitical fantasy…”

Will Putin Be Prosecuted for Crime of Aggression in Ukraine?

They don’t want to deal with the crime of aggression because they know that if it’s used against Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, today, it might be used against them tomorrow,” said Sands. “The big elephant in the room in Ukraine is Iraq, which was also a manifestly illegal war and produced a very different response in Britain and in the United States.”

Source: Will Putin Be Prosecuted for Crime of Aggression in Ukraine?

Russian Protest and Exodus | Portside

Vladimir Putin, by declaring a “partial” mobilization in Russia, achieved at least one thing: society finally realized that it was in a state of war. In fact, in a few minutes, the president not only destroyed the social contract that had been functioning in the country for the more than two decades of his rule, but also nullified all the work of his own propaganda during the previous 7 months of the conflict with Ukraine.

Source: Russian Protest and Exodus | Portside

Biden: Armageddon