Limbaugh’s Legacy: Normalizing Hate for Profit

Rush Limbaugh’s death represents a moment for reflection on the state of American politics. Limbaugh amassed a fortune of more than $600 million over 32 years in the talk radio business, in the process building up more than 15 million regular listeners. It was no exaggeration when CNN referred to him as a “pioneer of AM talk-radio.” He made possible the rise of propagandistic partisan media, demonstrating that this format could be incredibly profitable for news channels looking for low-budget programming filled by pundits who tell audiences what they want to hear, while strengthening their prior beliefs and values. More

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Australia on the Chasm of Climate Catastrophe 

Australia has had a series of bad governments beholden to the coal industry and to the Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine. The media empire of Murdoch controls about 60 percent of the newspapers and television stations. The Murdoch message, just like the message of Fox TV in America, is in defense of the oligarchs and against environmental protection of any kind. This propaganda is in accord with the continued use of fossil fuels and the ceaseless destruction of the natural world. More Continue reading “Australia on the Chasm of Climate Catastrophe “

 Corbyn and the media propaganda war

The Corbyn affair is really about the controlled propaganda of the media and hardly means anything. In addition the gross abuse of the ‘antisemitism blackmail’ tactics is almost grotesque.

The left should indeed re-examine their leftist perspective: we have done that here. A new take on socialism such as we have tried to construct (in fragments unfortunately) is in the long/short run essential to counter the associated legacy of past now dinosaur radicalism of the bolshevik era.
But this article shows the reality: that socialism is as popular as ever and that Corbyn was/is finally on the right track…

Source: Corporate Media Find All the Wrong Lessons for US Left in Corbyn’s Defeat | Common Dreams Views

 Is the mass hypnosis of americans on a par with a totalitarian system?

American social propaganda is almost as bad as that in a totalitarian system, or so it seems. But the age of the Internet seems, we can hope, to have destabilized that to some degree…Can anything break the spell?

This is what happens when you live in a hermetically-sealed bubble where you’re fed a constant diet of Fox News, My Pillow commercials, and “the US is the greatest country on the planet”. So powerful is this bubble that even Haley, a former UN Ambassador whose exposure to people from other countries should have disabused her of such provincial notions, is seemingly oblivious to facts known the world over.

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